A lovely little Sunday

A lovely little Sunday

So we had a lovely little Sunday starting with pancakes for breakfast! Me and my best friend Sarah try to meet every few weeks for a little catch up. I usually go to meet her child free as she is the little time out I need to have a gab and a giggle with, eat some yummy food without interruption and I can be Natalie and not just Mummy. However, she has been complaining that she has not seen the girls in a while so I thought I would take them along with me (much to be husband’s delight!!)

We decided to meet in a local restaurant called Hickorys, which is fabulous for children as it has it’s own cinema, how cool is that?! This allowed Sarah to see the girls and for us to also have a good catch up while they were entertained, perfect.

Our afternoon consisted of playing in the garden, the weather was so mild and sunny it really felt like Spring. This was followed by a trip to the park, which, like most children, the girls love. There was lots of playing, lots of giggles and lots of happiness. The perfect way to end the half term.

Pancakespicking daisys

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  1. I can’t believe half term is over all ready but that sounds like a great way to finish it off. Hope the girls enjoyed being off and brilliant that you got to catch up with your friend and she got to see the girls too, what a great idea to have a little cinema in a restaurant! xx

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