The Next Generation – The Ordinary Moments
The next generation

The Next Generation – The Ordinary Moments

Me and my sisters are all very close in age. There is 16 months between me and my older sister and 27 months between me and my younger sister. We all grew up together, very close, sharing clothes, socialising together and even working together at some point. Of course, with 3 girls there will always be arguments and fall outs but, surprisingly,  for us there was not many at all. We all got on and still do, we are all really close and if there are any problems we usually turn to each other for support.  I always tell this to my girls, ‘friends will come and go throughout your life but your sister will be there for life. Look after each other.’  Obviously they are too young to understand but I have no doubt that they will forever remain close.

Me and my sisters were lucky to all have babies at similar times – well out of 4 babies only one was planned! Meme came first in 2010, my younger sister’s little girl G followed in 2012, My Harri was next in 2013 followed finally by a boy – F in 2014 to my eldest sister.  As you can imagine it was a busy few years!

Although me and my sisters had each other we didn’t have any close cousins who were of the same age, it was never a problem as we didn’t know any different but I feel  my girls are so lucky to have their cousins. We see everyone most weeks, piling to nana’s for lots of crazy fun. It is hectic and noisy and of course we have lots of bickering but they just love seeing each other. Meme loves bossing everyone around and helping with the little ones.  G and Harri are like peas in a pod with only 9 months between them, they are very mischievous running around causing trouble.  Our lovely F toddles about following the girls, making noise and giggling, he is a sweetheart.

It is all so lovely see. I love that they are all going to grow up and make memories together. I hope they always remain close, I can imagine when they are all 18 going out together, sharing clothes (well maybe not F), looking out for each other having fun just like me and my sisters.

Let me introduce you to… the next generation.

13 thoughts on “The Next Generation – The Ordinary Moments

  1. Lovely post-its fab to think about such a lovely bond. I am the oldest sister at 32 with one at 29 and another at 7 and the oldest cousin by far. I was always the one to look after everyone. But my little boy has a 5 yr old cousin and one thats 10 weeks younger and i can see the bond there which is so lovely and he has a fab relationship with his Little Auntie who dotes on him. x

  2. Beautiful post – I also grew up in a house of all girls, there were 4 of us about 18 – 20 months apart as we went down. It was a lot of fun, and still is. Sisters can be terribly mean, but soon fight and stand up if the others are being attacked!

    I also grew up with a lot of cousins whom I see periodically, but I do think its great to have siblings to turn to, to hang out with and for our kids to play with their cousins.

    I am lucky to also be close to my sister in laws with kids all about the same age too, so thats really great!
    That pic is so cute of them all, I really hope they look out for one another as you hope and remain close in the future wherever life takes them x #ordinarymoments

  3. Ah this is so lovely and how lovely for them to have lots of cousins to enjoy and grow up with. I come from a really small family, there is just me and my sister and a couple of cousins who we don’t really see. That was one of the reasons I wanted three children, so I could create my own big happy family. x

  4. Cousins! I have about 25 on just one side of the family, and I loved it. My three boys have just had their first cousin come into their life: a little girl. It’s so special for them and I really hope they get a few more! #twinklytuesday

  5. Aah this is so different from me! I have one sister and she’s 10 years younger than me! Thankfully, we’re super-close and her daughter is 6 months older than my twins so our next generation is really, really close in age! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us on #TwinklyTuesday

  6. It’s nice having siblings all close together – I am the youngest of six! I only have two of my own kids but as I have all those brothers and sisters there are a lot of cousins for my two to play with. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

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