The benefits of school uniform for children

The benefits of school uniform for children

It is very common to get the same complaint from children at some point in their time at school: “Why do I need to wear this uniform?”. There are many reasons why school uniforms are important for students. They are a key way of developing a sense of togetherness amongst both students and staff. Not only does it help to identify each student as one. But it improves safety, reduces the potential for bullying and improves study ethic.

Here is some advice from a private boy’s school in Kensington on the benefits of school uniforms for children.

When all students are wearing the same clothing every day to school, it creates a sense of equality among everyone. Any open choice or expectations to wear whatever they want are removed. Allowing students to feel as though they are all one unit. Everyone starts from the same point. Without school uniforms, those from poorer backgrounds would feel isolated due to the fact that they cannot keep up with the latest styles and fashion trends. School uniforms breed a sense of cohesion. This allows those from completely different backgrounds to come together and promote the idea of being the same.

It reduces the potential for bullying. Without school uniforms, it becomes easier for other students to tease or make fun of those who lack certain types of clothing. Clothing is usually used to express how you feel and children are no different in this sense. At this age, it can create a point of difference between one student and another.

It increases safety. There are several safety concerns when it comes to schools that choose not to adopt a uniform. With students wearing the same unique colours, they can immediately be recognised as a member of that school both onsite and off-site. If someone is on the school grounds that is not a member of staff, they can easily be identified due to their lack of uniform.

The bottom line is, the benefits of school uniform are vital to children to keep them safe, to reduce chances of bullying and overall to make everyone who attends school feel like part of one team.

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