Does my child need a private tutor?
Does my child need a private tutor?

Does my child need a private tutor?

When it comes to academic learning, we usually expect schools to teach what children need in order to progress onto the next level. However, in some cases, children may struggle with the speed or the style of learning that is taught in schools. Given that classrooms are usually full of 30 students. It is difficult for teachers to pinpoint the needs of each student. Which is why some students may end up struggling and falling behind.

Turning towards a private tutor may be the best bet for your child. In order to give them the boost they need and the grades that they deserve. Here are some top tips from an SAT tutor on if your child may be in need of some extra assistance outside of school.

Understand the basics. Many times, children will struggle in class because they never mastered the basics. Without a solid foundation, anything built on top will only collapse. Schools cannot work on the basics forever and may move on before your child has the time to feel comfortable with their learning. This is where a tutor will come in handy. As your child works on their classwork, the tutor can help pinpoint where your child needs extra assistance, therefore making school work that much easier to keep up with.

Your child comes first. In a class of 30, it is nearly impossible for one teacher to give undivided attention every day to each student, which means a few may struggle and fall behind. A tutor will help with this. They can give all of their attention to focusing on your child and understanding where they may need extra help.

Your child can focus better. Classrooms are noisy and hectic which means distractions are right round the corner. A tutor on the other hand is an individual which means your child will be focused on from beginning to end. This will help them concentrate better and focus on their studies. Not only will this help them gain confidence in themselves, but they may even end up enjoying learning.

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