Special personalised jewellery with O Necklace

Special personalised jewellery with O Necklace

I love personalised jewellery. In fact I love personalised anything. You name it I have it. Candles, cups, bags the list is endless. I even have a necklace with my name on – Carrie Bradshaw style. However I have always wanted something with my children’s name or initials on. Now that my family is complete I knew the time was right. Yet, whilst I knew that I wanted this item, I wasn’t quite sure what style or design I wanted.

Personalised Jewellery by O Necklace

As even someone was reading my mind I discovered O Necklace which is a personalised jewellery brand. They have such beautiful items from rings to bracelets  to special little gifts for very special people. Their jewellery for kids are just precious animal shaped pendants, to make any child feel cherished.

I wanted a personalised necklace so spent some time looking through their designs. I love the idea of maybe having their initials on a chain. However after some deliberation I decided to choose the Engraved Mother Necklace. I love the three little discs each with their name on, signifying each of my children. You can obviously choose the amount of discs that you require and the name or wording that you would like. You also have the choice choice of what material you would like. The options being sterling silver, 24k gold plating, rose gold plating, 14k gold and 14k white gold. I love that you have the opportunity to choose the material allowing it to suit your budget. You also have the opportunity to choose the length of the necklace. The options being 14″,16″,18″, 20″ and 22″. It also gives you the length in cm’s and advises you what is best for a child or an adult. There is also the choice of rolo chain or a box chain and a lobster clasp or a spring clasp. All these little choices helping make the chain unique to you.

First Impressions

The personalised necklace arrived wrapped in a little pouch. The quality is really good, I especially love the colour. For me the chain is a little thin and it would be nice to pay an additional amount to choose a thicker option. My children were delighted when they seen me wearing a necklace with their names on. It meant so much to them and it means so much to me. I absolutely love it and wear it daily.

This would make the perfect gift for a Friend,Daughter, New Mum. Such a lovely thoughtful present that can fit any budget.

I was sent this personalised necklace in exchange for a honest review.

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