Remember remember the 5th November….

Remember remember the 5th November….

Last night was our annual trip to a local bonfire display. It is my husband’s highlight of the year – he loves bonfire night – the getting wrapped up warm, going out in the dark, the smell of the bonfire. I  suppose I could take it or leave it but I am always glad we make the effort to go.

Last year at our local event there was a fair but we hadn’t realised and didn’t have much money with us so, this year, we went prepared with lots of money and our very excited girls! Typically, the fair wasn’t as good with only one ride.  The girls didn’t seem to mind though and we still managed to spend lots of money on stalls, coming home with lots more toys!

The bonfire we go to has a really nice feel to it, it is quite small, full of locals but with music and a nice atmosphere. There was a huge bonfire and some amazing fireworks which Harri loved (Meme decided this year she didn’t like them!). We stayed for as long as we could, watching the fireworks light up the sky before our feet turned into blocks of ice so we hurried home for a chippy tea and a good warm up.

Harri on the teacups!
Harri on the teacups!
Meme with her glow stick
Meme with her glow stick

How was your bonfire night?

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22 thoughts on “Remember remember the 5th November….

  1. Oh this looks like a lovely evening despite the lack of fair rides! We didn’t go to a display this year, there wasn’t one on around here at a time that would suit our girls strangely. I do feel like we missed out, will make more of an effort next year!

  2. The glow stick photo is gorgeous! I’m so envious of all the bonfire night photos – our company end of year event was on the 5th, but we did see some lovely fireworks as we were driving to it x

    1. Popping back and taking another look at that glow stick picture. Amazing effect, Meme looks totally circled in green. Was that from one of the stalls? A lovely looking evening with plenty to keep you going with happy bonfire memories till next year.

      Thank you for joining me for #CountryKids

  3. Beautiful pics of your girls as always. This year I sent those that wanted to go to our local bonfire night and I stayed at home in the warm watching a film. Yay for me!

  4. Noticed when linking up to Living Arrows that my post has the same title as yours! Have that rhyme going round my head at the moment. What a great firework capture! And beautiful pics of your girls too. The event we went to was supposed to have rides but now I think about it, we didn’t see any (probably a good thing!).

  5. Fab photos! We went to the big display in Swansea for the first time this year, and we all loved it luckily! x #LivingArrows

  6. I love bonfire night. Unfortunately my eldest still hates the noise. With our youngest being just 5 months we did not go to a display this year. We could see our local display from our house though. I ended up watching them on my own though!

  7. I love your photo of Meme with her glowstick – she looks very proud of herself, too!
    I love Bonfire night too, much more so than Halloween (maybe because it reminds me of my childhood!).
    Glad you had a good time, all wrapped up warm. And great photos of the fireworks.

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