Happy List #12

Happy List #12

So its November and it has been half term for us. I have been a little poorly with a sore throat and headache which has been a little annoying so it has been nice to have a little break – although we haven’t had any sleep ins it has been nice to take everything at a slower paces with no rushed mornings.

Here is my happy list for the week:

  • Some alone time… my Mum had my girls on Tuesday whilst I was in work and it was so nice to come home without rushing to get Meme to ballet and just relax. I have so much house work and sorting out to do but I decided to have a rare moment of doing nothing. It was bliss.
  • It was halloween – it is one of my girls favourite times of the year and they really enjoyed it.
  • I had a lovely sister day last Saturday, me,  my Sisters, my Mum and our kids all spent the afternoon together going for lunch (although we did miss my Dad). We went to quite a local place The Viking which we loved, it was so child friendly it gave us all an opportunity to have a catch up and enjoy the food whilst the little ones were all entertained.
  • We have made a few more Christmas purchases so I am feeling nice and organised and am hoping that by December I will be all done allowing me to relax and enjoy the Christmas build up -yeah!
  • It’s Bonfire night tonight! We have our annual trip to our local bonfire display – it has a fair so it can get a little pricey but it’s only once a year and the girls love it.

So that’s my week, it has been lovely and I am a much happier Mummy when I don’t have to do the school run.  A friend also pointed out to me that it was the last school holidays just me the three of us as our new baby will be with us (hopefully) for the Christmas holidays which is both really exciting and scary all at the same time!

How has your week been?

9 thoughts on “Happy List #12

  1. What a lovely week with your girls. I can’t believe you are going to have your beautiful baby soon, it has whizzed by. Enjoy bonfire night and I hope you are feeling better x #happydays

  2. Quiet time alone sounds like bliss, I would definitely be leaving the housework! Everyone seems to be getting ready for Christmas really early, I’m always a last minute kind of person, no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to get organised early x

  3. Quiet alone time sounds heavenly, it makes the world of difference doesn’t it? Even just for 20 minutes. Love that you’re getting organised for Christmas too, I’m so much more organised this year! #MarvMondays

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