Preventing tooth decay in children with Simply Health

Preventing tooth decay in children with Simply Health

I have had a phobia of the dentist for as long as I can remember, a bad experience when I was younger has left me petrified of going. Every year I struggle with dental issues and pain not to mention the anxiety and upset. It is important that my children have the same issues as me. The increasing amount of tooth decay in children is alarming so I ensure that my children visit the dentist regularly. Luckily we have a really great dentist and they actually look forward to their trip there. However, brushing their teeth is something they hate doing for some reason, I have to remind them daily.

Tooth Decay in Children – Consumer Health Report

I recently received the below report from Simply Health with some really shocking stats about children’s oral health from Consumer Health Report.

According to parents surveyed, one in ten (10%) British children have missed a full day of school to receive treatment due to tooth decay, new research reveals.

More than one in five (21%)  children brush just once a day or less, and 13% of children aged seven and under are brushing their own teeth unsupervised, contrary to advice that children aged seven and under should be supervised while brushing, or have an adult brush their teeth for them.

Preparing tooth-friendly school lunchboxes could also prove tricky for parents this school year, as 37% admit they find ensuring their children have tooth-friendly snacks and (41%) drinks a struggle. Biscuits (28%), sweets/chocolates (16%), and fizzy drinks (7%) all featuring in the lunchboxes of those surveyed.

Commenting on the figures, Head Dental Officer at Simplyhealth, Dr Catherine Rutland said:

“It’s disappointing to hear that so many children are missing out on lessons at school as a result of tooth decay. A regular family brushing routine, before and after school, is so important to reduce the risk of needing dental work at a young age. It also sets up strong habits for your little ones later in life. Brushing first thing in the morning before breakfast can help busy families to ensure that they get a proper brush before school. The night-time brush cleans away plaque bacteria and food debris accumulated throughout the day so that it doesn’t sit on the teeth while they sleep’

How this report affects me

This was a real eye opener for me. Supervising my children whilst they are brushing is something I now insist on doing. Even helping them once they have finished.Sugary snacks is another thing I am guilty of. I am actually really strict with sugary and fizzy drinks but I need to find some healthy alternative to biscuits.

This report is worth a read. I always think September is the perfect time of year to make some positive changes to your daily routine.

Do you worry about tooth decay in your children?

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