Pressing pause

Pressing pause

The picture above definitely describes our week – we are all just so tired and more than ready for a break. Everything just seems so busy at the moment and when I think of the forthcoming weeks we have so many plans and appointments, not forgetting a trip to Bluestone too. There is so much I want to do – get the house in order for summer, sort out the girls wardrobes, dedicate some time for my blog etc.  However, my energy levels are preventing me at the moment and there just doesn’t seem like enough time in the day – frustrating! I know everyone has periods like this and in a month or so it will turn around and everything will seem calmer and more organised – I am hoping the half term will allow us a little down time.

This week my big girl started Rainbows, she has mentioned it a few times and a couple of months ago I finally got around to signing her up. Everyone had warned me that there was a huge waiting list but to my surprise a couple of weeks after signing her up we got a phone call saying there was a space for her. She was so excited and, whilst I was nervous, she was absolutely fine, she was so happy afterwards she simply can’t wait to go back. She is such a social butterfly, it is party after party at the moment.  She has ballet class on a Tuesday evening and she actually has a dance show this afternoon. Whilst it is tiring for us taking her back and forth to classes after a full day in school she loves these clubs and her confidence is growing each day.

Life seems to be going at such a fast pace now. I keep reminiscing to this time last year when everything seemed so different and much calmer – endless days in the park playing just the three of us and just generally taking each day as it came. Now time is flying by, it is so busy and there is so much rushing. I know everything can’t stay the same forever but some days I just wish I could press pause…..

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13 thoughts on “Pressing pause

  1. I know what you mean. There are snapshots in the day that are so special that I just want to linger there for a while, like last night when my baby was laughing real belly laughs. I hope you manage to relax a little too #KCACOLS

  2. Oh I hope you enjoy your break at bluestones and that you get to slow down a little. We seem to spend all of our time rushing about as well. Yaaay to Rainbows. Oldest goes to Rainbows and loves it! #KCACOLS

  3. You’re so right sometimes we need to take a step back and pause, reflect and relax. Lovely news that your little girl got into Rainbows – I did Brownies as a child and loved it! Hope you have a nice break my lovely. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday xx

  4. I hope you have a lovely break away and you get to press pause a bit longer. My big girl has been on the waiting list for rainbows for ages, she is desperate to do it! xx

  5. Oh what a beautiful portrait of your lovely girl! I know what you mean about life going a mile a minute at the moment, I can’t wait for half term and just a little chance to catch our breath!

  6. I totally understand, I actually can’t stand it when life feels like it’s going too fast and there’s not enough time in the day, it makes me feel out of control and I usually end up doing something a bit mad to try and claw a bit back. Last time I booked us a little holiday with 3 days notice! It’s great that you have a break away, hopefully that will be the pause you need to recharge xx

  7. Oh to press pause! I completely understand Natalie it would be wonderful just to take the time and for everything to go in slow orion-they grow up so quickly. Are you going to Bluestone in Pembrokeshire in Half Term? If so this is just a little bit exciting because so are we!! x

  8. Oh my how exciting to start rainbows haha hope she continues to love it. Its so great to see them pursue their little interests, but you are so right… its hard to keep up with it all sometimes and not to remember the easy, chilled days at home!
    I feel like you for half term and hope we can have a little break away and chill out for a bit. Enjoy yours x

  9. Oh I know exactly how you feel – you just need to schedule some time in the week where you can be lazy in the park – I think sometimes we have to find the time otherwise all the busy takes over. However, the children thrive on the busy so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much – roll on half term and not too many plans – beautiful picture by the way #KCACOLS

  10. My girls both loved Rainbows and Brownies. Lucky her getting a place so soon! I know what you mean about pressing pause, life seems to go at such a pace, it’s hard to draw breath and taken in the moments isn’t it? x

  11. It’s lovely to hear that your little one has got into Rainbows and that you have lots of things to look forward to like Bluestones. #OrdinaryMoments

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