Deacon Blue, sunglasses and busy busy busy #littleloves

It has been such a sleepy week in out house, everyone is in desperate need of some lazy days and no routine – thankfully half term is in sight….

Here are my #littleloves


I watched the film Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie which I really enjoyed.


I used to find this one really easy to answer but I definitely seem to struggle now.

I am reading my usual blogs – I am loving reading about the new gorgeous addition to MummyDaddyandme.

I also read a really heartfelt post from Julia at Rainbeaubelle – such a brave amazing lady.


Deacon Blue – well kinda! For our wedding  anniversary we had tickets to go and see Deacon Blue at Aintree race course. Now me and hubbie are creatures of habbit but, with the fear that we are getting boring, we stepped out of our comfort zone and popped over to Liverpool. We had a lovely meal at The Shankly Hotel but the concert was a bit of a disaster – we couldn’t really hear the band, it took over half an hour to get a drink from the bar, another half hour wait in a toilet queue and it was pretty cold too – I’m too old for all that jazz.

We had a good giggle about it though and at least we tried something different!


I purchased some new sandals from Primark which I love and quite the bargain at £12 – they have since been reduced to £6. I haven’t got around to taking a picture but I will for next week.

I have also been wearing my sunglasses quite a bit – I love them.



Nothing at all – I am just so tired, I don’t have much energy to muster up anything at the moment. Me and hubbie have been making some plans with our garden – the patio has been getting done this week and we have been putting together some ideas for Harri’s birthday gift next month.

And Lastly

Everything is just so busy at the moment. Meme started Rainbows this week which she loved. She has a ballet show at the weekend and the next few weeks are full of plans and appointments and, of course, a certain cuties 3rd birthday!! I am hoping to start feeling a bit more energised to enjoy it all.


Have a lovely weekend xxx





5 thoughts on “Deacon Blue, sunglasses and busy busy busy #littleloves

  1. I really enjoyed Focus, I love Margot Robbie, can’t wait to see her in the new Suicide Squad film! Love your glasses, its definitely been sunglasses weather of late hasn’t it? Hope you have a wonderful weekend #littlelove

  2. It’s such a shame your gig was a bit pants! Oh yes, I’d forgotten about the upcoming half-term week! Crikey, I need to get me some plans! Have a great week x

  3. Oh we are the same desperate for half term and our first staycation in years, I can’t wait. Funnily enough we were at communion today and Himself’s cousin was at the Aintree event, she said the same about the toilets and the bar – such a shame. I hear Deacon Blue are playing the arena in December, we love them and might just venture over. Hope you are having a great weekend xxx

  4. Ah tell me about it, we can’t wait for half term too! I am on countdown, though a little concerned about how I will be able to fit all the work I need to be doing with the children at home! I hope you had a great time celebrating your wedding anniversary and I love the last photo of your daughter, so cute and that blue sky! xx

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