How to Pick the Best Pickleball Paddle to improve the Game

How to Pick the Best Pickleball Paddle to improve the Game

Pickleball 101: Tips To Choose The Right Paddle

Pickleball is an exciting game. It was invented in the 1960s as children’s pastime sport.  Adults also indulge themselves in the game for fun. The game is suitable for the players of all ages. It may be played as singles or doubles. It resembles the famous tennis as well as badminton games. The Pickleball court is small as one-third of a regular tennis court. The game is not regulated. It is free from international governing bodies. One can draw the
court lines using a stick or chalk powder.

Required equipment:

This game is played with two or four players as singles or doubles. The players need a net to divide the Pickleball court into two halves. They need a ball to serve which is made of plastic similar to a whiffle ball. The players require their paddle to hit the whiffle ball served by the opponent player or team. The paddle plays a role as a racket in the badminton game.

Types of Pickleball Paddles:

The specialized Pickleball paddle is based on the materials used. There are Pickleball Paddles that can be made of wood, graphite, and fiberglass. Among them, wooden paddles are the cheapest. Paddles made with hi-tech materials cost more. Y

Choosing the best paddle based on features:


It is essential to select the best Pickleball paddle that suits the player. The wooden paddles are low in cost but heavy to swing. On the other hand, the paddle made of graphite is lighter, thus comfortable to hit the whiffle ball. The lightweight paddle hits the whiffle ball harder. If the player is hurt or having arthritis, he can choose the light weighted paddle. If he/she wants a heavier wooden paddle, he should put more power to strike the whiffle ball. It will increase his/her pain. It is wise and essential that you choose the paddle, which is light.



The other important factor that plays a significant role in choosing the best game paddle is the color. The Pickleball paddles might be in several colors. The player should be very much talented in determining the shade if he/she want to win. Lighter colors glitter and confuse the opponent whether you hit the ball or not. It is a game trick.


The handle of a Pickleball paddle plays a vital role in the game. The player should check for the length of the handle. The longer one will have a larger span, but it becomes bulkier to carry. The shorter one will be the opposite. The player should check for his control over the handle, and it should be comfortable to play the game. Pickleball game is not a highly competitive game with strict rules and regulations. There is a match point to win. The serving team will get the points when the opponent fails to send the ball back. The Pickleball game is a game of joy that takes the one to childhood days.


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