New Month, Getting Organised and Good Summer Books

New Month, Getting Organised and Good Summer Books

Hello! Time for a little catch up? It has been a while since I have done a round up post, my blogging is a little haphazard at the moment. I have definitely struggled getting anything done in the summer holidays but now my little ladies are back in school I will get back into some kind of routine. However I have watched lots of television and read lots of good summer books.


I am still watching This is Us which I just love, although it does make me want to cry after every single episode. I have also been watching Celebrity Masterchef which I am really enjoying. It always inspires me to cook a little more.

I also jumped on the bandwagon and started watching The Bodyguard, mainly because everyone was talking it and it did not disappoint. I have actually watched more television this week than I have in a long time. It has been nice to switch off each night and just relax.


There are so many good Summer books out there at the moment. I have loved reading ‘The little Cafe in Copenhagen’ which was sent to me by Eshores such a nice easy read.

good summer reads

I have also started to read Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriaty but I have been really struggling to get into it. Have you read it?


A lot of back to school moaning. Yes we are only one week in and the moaning has started!! I have also had a child off sick this week would you believe? Yes the germs have started.

We have had lots of words of my little Alfie of late. Whilst he took a while to walk his speech is just brilliant. Words of the week are: good boy, hello (to every single person he meets), Thank you and No!

Speech development at 20 months


I have been wearing my new Zara dress a lot!! I am definitely trying to wear jeans a little less and make a little more effort with my wardrobe, although I have been wearing my dungarees quite a bit.  They don’t count as jeans do they?

Zara dress

Denim dungarees

I need a little Autumn fashion splurge, some new boots and a new coat are on my wish list.

Oh an the girls have been wearing their new school uniforms!!

Back to school


Lists and lists and lists!! In a bid to become a little more organised I now carry a little notepad around with me and as soon as I need to do something I write it down before I forget, my memory is so bad. This little system is working really well and helping me feel less overwhelmed.

My girls also made a lovely pot a few weeks ago during a visit to the World of Wedgewood which they loved!! I would definitely recommend a day there.

The World of Wedgewood

And lastly.

It has been a long week! I am looking forward to a takeaway and some wine and hopefully a nice chilled evening.

Oh and there is a lovely little giveaway on my blog for a Pippy Clementine t-shirt if you would like to enter.

Have a lovely weekend x

7 thoughts on “New Month, Getting Organised and Good Summer Books

  1. We have had the germs already how is it a week back and they start with colds. I love the dress and I am exactly the same trying to wear more dresses I might even get a couple of skirts for the winter. Aw I love the stage when their speech is developing its so sweet x

  2. I love the dress, and I too am trying to wear more dresses and skirts rather than jeans. And yes sore throats here and its only a week in! The pottery looks fab and I love it when they start speaking it so sweet x

  3. I hear you on the moaning… I am in the same position. I hate to think what he will be like by the end of the half term. I am loving the dress and I also could do with a wardrobe update and sort out. A dress is a good place to start x

  4. Love that dress! I’ve bought myself a few recently in an effort to stay away from the jeans all the time – and now it’s cold! Typical eh! How cute are the girls in their uniform. I’ve had my little one off once already with the dreaded lurgy, luckily it was only a 24 hour thing. How cute is Alfie, he’s growing up so quick x

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