My Harri is 4

My Harri is 4

It has been a week of celebrations in our house as my lovely youngest girl turned 4. Harriet’s birthday generally coincides with the end of May half term and an inset day in Meme’s school so we always try and go away for the weekend.

This year was no different. We spent the long weekend in Cardigan playing exploring and celebrating my girl turning 4 and, although her actually birthday was spent in a car on a very rainy day travelling home, she was happy (and very tired!)

Harri also asked could she have a party. I wasn’t planning to have one as I was hoping to start the party era in school but then I thought why not. Let’s face it, the second born always gets a few hand me downs and is seemingly always second to experience everything. I really want Harri to feel as special as her sister because she really is.

I only have a few months left of Harri being home with me before she starts her next chapter of starting school in September. We are both definitely ready for this next step but it doesn’t make it any less hard for me and no doubt for her. I have said this before but she is such a whirlwind, so full on and completely exhausting, but so full of fun.

My baby is growing up, happy birthday my lovely little Harri.

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