My Best Friend – The Ordinary Moments

My Best Friend – The Ordinary Moments

Every girl needs a best friend, and I don’t want to brag but I have got a pretty special one. I met Sarah when I was 18 and we were both working in Topshop. We weren’t instantly best friends but we mixed in the same circles and went to the same University and, before we knew it, were spending a lot of time together.

Our twenties were filled with fun, drink and good times. I remember our first holiday together – it was in the summer of 2004 and I have no idea were we went. It didn’t really matter though as we had the best time ever! How we laughed! Of course it hasn’t all been fun and laughter, we have gone through tough times, that is life isn’t it. I have said this before but it is easy when you are younger, life is fun with probably my biggest worry being what to wear on Saturday night.

Life gets complicated when you have kids, people change, friendships change. My friendship with Sarah didn’t. We were at different stages of our life yet we are still as close as ever. I don’t have as much time, I don’t have as much money and basically I am not as much fun anymore but she is still here by my side. We have to schedule dates in advance to meet and I still often forget about them, not because I don’t care, just because my head gets so full of school stuff, work stuff, house stuff and usually not enough sleep. She makes an effort to see my girls, she buys them gifts, she texts me, is there to advice me and tells me when I’m being irrational. She usually drives the 40 minutes so we can meet closer to my home as she knows I don’t have much time. She is so thoughtful and loyal and, apart from my family, she is the only person I can fully count on. If I need her, I know she will be there.

She is not a blog reader but she makes a point to read mine (a few weeks behind mind) and that really touches me. When we meet for a catch up, which is usually once a month, I don’t think she realises how much I look forward to seeing her.  It is not just a cuppa for me, it is a moment out of my Mummy life, a moment where I can just be me, Natalie chatting to my best friend and I love that, I cherish it and I need it.

She becomes a Mum herself this year and I am so excited to be apart of this next chapter of her life. She will be amazing. I hope my girls one day meet a Sarah.

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11 thoughts on “My Best Friend – The Ordinary Moments

  1. I love this post, best friends are amazing aren’t they and you know they will always be there for you? I have known my best friend since I was 12, and we have both got very separate lives, I am happily married with a family and she lives a happy single life, but we always make a point to catch up and I think it’s a little overdue. I’m going to give her a call now – thank you x

  2. Aw what a lovely lovely post and Sarah sounds like a truly lovely best friend. Someone who loves you for you and puts up with you! I have three close close friends, one from school who was my best friend from when we were babies till 18 who now lives in Australia, one from uni who I was inseparable with throughout my 20’s and then Lucy who I met through blogging. Both my school and uni friends were bridesmaids at my wedding, but its so hard to see or talk to each other now. We generally make do with Skype and once a year or more meetings, which is such a shame. Both have children. But then I speak to Lucy most days. Friendships that you can count on are really the best thing. x

    1. It is so hard to keep in touch with friends when you have your family and work it takes time and effort (a bit like a marriage!). It is lovely to hear you have made a best friend through blogging. Thanks for your comment and for hosting x

  3. She sounds awesome – what a lovely tribute to a lovely friend. It’s great that you’re both so close despite all the changes that life brings. My dearest girl friends all now live quite a way away from me, so thank goodness for the internet!!

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