Magazines, Disney on Ice and Deliciously Ella #Littleloves

Magazines, Disney on Ice and Deliciously Ella #Littleloves

Hmm, bit of a rubbish start to the week, however it did improve and with this lovely sunshine it ended up being a really nice week. Isn’t it funny how the weather can determine your mood?

Here are my #littleloves


I picked up a copy of Red Magazine this week and had a little read, it is a magazine I don’t usually read but I quite enjoyed it. I used to love buying magazines, I would buy all of them (this was pre children when I had more money and time!) but I have fell out of love with them a bit.



We went to Disney on Ice on Wednesday and it was just amazing! We have been the last few years and the girls really enjoy it.


A sick child, yes another week and another person sick in our house. It is driving me mad at the moment, I swear people must think I am lying when I tell them my Child is sick again. Harri is finally on the mend but how long for….who knows!


My lovely Man bought me a leather jacket for Christmas and, with the weather a little bit warmer, I have finally been able to wear it a bit.  I love it, the smell and the feel. It is so nice to finally take my winter coat off (hopefully for good).

My girls wore their new dress up outfits for Disney on Ice. Harri wore Alice in Wonderland and Meme wore Cinderella. The dresses were fab, they had hoops in and everything (honestly Meme could barely walk in hers!)



I have made nothing at all. I have not even made any Easter preparations. However, I did watch Deliciously Ella make a healthy carbonara dish on This Morning and it looked amazing!

And lastly

No plans for this weekend, I am just hoping we are all healthy. I have got a spa day booked for next week which I am very excited about! I am also hoping that this sunshine continues.

Have a lovely weekend x

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7 thoughts on “Magazines, Disney on Ice and Deliciously Ella #Littleloves

  1. I would love to see Disney on Ice (the kids might like it too but I want to go myself ha ha)! How cute do your little ones look in their outfits! I used to read all the magazines aswell, I don’t buy them anymore though, although I do get them online, not quite the same as having one in your hands but it saves me an absolute fortune each month. Enjoy your spa day next week! x

  2. I can’t wait to go see disney on ice with my daughter. She is just starting to get in to disney films and princess. Your daughters look adorable in their dresses. I hope they stay well for a while now! I used to love Red magazine (pre children).

  3. Lucky you having a spa day, I could really use one around now! Love your leather jacker, it’s gorgeous, great present from your husband xx

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