Meme is turning six

Meme is turning six

Last September was a double whammy – starting school and turning 5 in the same month, it was all a little too much for me. This year, everything is a little calmer and, whilst I still can’t believe that my baby is turning 6 and, maybe more importantly, how on earth am I old enough to have a 6 year old, I feel a little more prepared for it. Last year she seemed too young to be turning 5, she was still a baby. This year she seems every bit of her 6 years – in fact when she is amongst her peers she seems wise beyond her years.

Meme was a surprise – we had our wedding day booked for September 2010 before we found out we were pregnant with Meme. My pregnancy with her was tough, labour was tough (although after hearing others I was actually quite lucky) and the first few months of her life were tough. She was not an easy baby and the majority of times I felt out of my depth. I feel like me and Meme were both finding our way, finding our feet from the very beginning, in fact, we still are now. She is my first so everything she is experiencing for the first time so am I.

I think this past year has definitely been the toughest for her – the school transition particularly has not been easy. She definitely struggled to find her way in school, being away from her Mummy, feeling completely overwhelmed – it broke my heart but she is getting there. Her confidence is growing all the time and I am so proud of how she has handled herself and finally she is excited to start year one. She has a real passion to learn. She amazes me in the way she wants to try everything, she wants to succeed in everything – this is one of my favourite qualities in her. She is also kind, sensitive and loving and I feel so lucky to have her. Waking up to that sleepy smile every morning fills my heart. I say to my husband every night before bed ‘oh I just love my girls’ and I do. My whole heart belongs to them.

This year she is having a much deserved party with all of her friends, which I hope she will enjoy. I want to see her run and laugh and have the best day ever.

Happy Birthday Meme – you were the best surprise I ever had (apart from your sister but that’s a whole other story!)

11 thoughts on “Meme is turning six

  1. Ahh a big Happy Birthday to her. I hope she has a wonderful party. I think the first baby is a bit mind blowing isn’t it? Looking back I know I struggled with Z now. She is 3 months older than my Z, he’ll be 6 in December!

  2. Hope she has a lovely birthday, it must have been so hard for you with her being upset at school but I’m glad she is getting their now! It’s crazy how quick it seems to go, especially as they get older and you have other children. That first baby is always so special xx

  3. Aww Happy birthday gorgeous girl!! It’s so hard leaving them at school when they are struggling, Eva has really found it difficult this week and we’ve had tears before and after school. I hope she has a wonderful party, sounds like she deserves spoiling a little too. #sharewithme

  4. I think a year in school must fly by – and what a year she has had. I’m glad it’s getting easier for both of you…I wonder what the next 6 years will bring!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  5. Happy birthday Meme! I like to think that the difficult babies grow into the most amazing children 🙂 It definitely sounds like that’s the case for Meme. I hope she has the most amazing time at her party (and you too!) Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. Happy 6th birthday Meme. I am glad to read things are a little easier now at school for her.
    Parenthood is not easy and I love the honesty of your struggles in the early days. I can associate with that as I had an ill baby which made life hell for a long while. #sharewithme

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