My Little Ray of Sunshine

My Little Ray of Sunshine

It is just one more month before my lovely girl turns 5 and almost the end of her first school year. It seems like a lifetime ago when she was with me, pottering around and helping with Alfie. She has grown so much and it has been lovely to watch, she  is my cheeky one, the little rebel. She has such a great character and has the biggest smile. She is such a positive excitable little girl, which I love.

Each child of mine is completely unique, they all have their own quirks and little ways. Each of my three little people bring something different to the family, and if you ask anyone of us what Harri brings, well we will all give the same answer….Harri brings the sunshine.

La Coqueta kids

This dress was gifted by La Coqueta Kids – check out their beautiful selection of girls dresses

Shoes – Lelli Kelli

Hairband – Mothercare

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  1. Aww, she is such a little cutie. I bet she brightens up anyones day.

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