It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s December! I can’t believe it! Almost the end of another year but not before my favourite month of the year. We love Christmas in our house, we completely embrace every second of it and fill the month with lots of fun festive activities.

This year has been a little different due to the fact that I am heavily pregnant, as much as I want to try and do it all I know I physically can’t.  I need to take it as easy as possible and remember that our little arrival could make an appearance at any moment! However, I know that we don’t have to have big extravagant plans to make Christmas special so here are some of our December plans:

  • We are going to do our annual trip to visit Father Christmas at Ness Gardens, they also have an amazing reindeer trail there, which my girls love.
  • Last year we made some Christmas crafts at a local church making a Christingle – both my girls adore crafts!
  • Decorate our house together whilst listening to Christmas music and having a little dance – I’m sure it’s the same in a lot of households at this time of year! We have also got a bauble to decorate and some Christmas biscuits to make.
  • We have been invited to watch a family concert at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall called Sing along with Santa which I am so excited about. I haven’t told my girls about it just yet as I want to keep it a surprise but I am hoping they will be excited as I am.

So, a little bit of a quieter December but still very exciting. I am hoping it will be a month filled with Christmas magic that we will always remember – the last one as a family of four or the first one as a family of five.


7 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  1. Such an exciting time for you! I’m glad you’re taking it easy. Thanks for the reminder about Christingle too, my girls always enjoy this, I need to find one locally.

  2. Ah hope you can take it easy! Sounds like a lovely Christmas nonetheless – I think a simple, less rush-y time is perhaps even better than trying to do it all. I am sure you will create wonderful memories,

  3. oh honey it is so exciting how close you are now to being a family of five, what a beautiful time of year to have a baby. My sister was born on Christmas and we always see her as such a beautiful gift in all our lives. Sending love xx #mg

  4. Ooh lovely, we are going to the Santa sing along too, I hope to see you there!! We’ve had to cancel SO much the last few weeks because they boys have been ill so I’m desperately clinging onto that and hoping we make it. It sounds like so much fun, hope you manage to have some festive fun before them. I was heavily pregnant with the twins in December so I know what it’s like, so hard to summon the energy to keep going! xx

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