Introducing Hugh

Introducing Hugh

As our due date gets closer we are frantically trying to get ourselves ready for our new arrival (amongst other things….Christmas anyone?). Our bedroom has been organised (I obviously mean tidied!), the moses basket is up, baby gros have been washed and a family friendly car has been purchased – much to my husband’s distaste!

I already feel the Mummy guilt creeping in for my lovely 3rd child – everything is second hand, bought originally for Meme or Harri. In fact, the pram we are using belongs to my niece! Money is just a little tighter this time around and, also, I think we are a little bit wiser in knowing that, rather than buy everything ‘just in case’ like we did with Meme, we now know if we need it we can pop out and buy it. I do still feel a little meh about it all though.

So when I received an email from Harrods last week it brought a little smile to my face. They were offering to send me Hugh Bear. Harrods is renowned for its beautiful Christmas bear so I was delighted to receive its 2016 version Hugh. This is a perfect gift for any child but especially for a first teddy once old enough.

It obviously arrived in a Harrods box which was pretty exciting. My girls were very eager to help me open it and even more excited when they found the most beautiful teddy bear inside. Hugh was bigger than I expected and totally adorable. He came dressed in a snow-flake patterned cardigan with toggle fastening and had the softest fur. I think the thing I loved the most was the 2016 stamp he had on his foot – such a special year for us and a perfect keepsake to celebrate my baby’s first Christmas.

So thank you Hugh (and Harrods!), my child’s first teddy bear – one we will cherish forever.

Harrods Christmas Bear

We were kindly sent this beautiful bear in exchange for a honest review


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  1. Oh he is adorable! When I saw the title I thought baby was here, Hugh is quite a nice name for a baby 😉 How lovely for your baby’s first teddy to be from Harrod’s!

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