It started with 2

It started with 2

Sometimes you don’t want to do stuff….. but sometimes you need to.

It has been a stressful few weeks for me struggling with change and anxiety. I love my family and feel incredibly lucky that I get to spend all my time with them. However, I have definitely found that since becoming a Mum I struggle to switch off and let go, well I suppose as a Mum you never do.

But sometimes I need to. I need to switch off, I need a break, I need to step back and do something for me, for us.

So last weekend my husband booked us a night away in the Lake District for just the 2 of us. It was funny because right up until we went we kept looking at each other and saying ‘oh should we just take the kids?’ – we honestly love being with them. We didn’t, we went, just us. Half of me was so excited for the much needed break and to spend some time with my husband. Yet the other half of me was worrying about leaving the kids.

So we went and yes we missed them, we talked about them constantly. Yet some time away was what I needed, what we both needed as a couple. We don’t have much time together at all, only the weekends which are dominated by the kids. We don’t have much help, we do it all ourselves and I am proud of us. We have three amazing children who constantly need us, we love them, we provide for them and, in return, they bring us so much joy. They are our everything and we work hard to be the best parents we can be, to give them the best experiences and to help make the most amazing memories with them.

But sometimes we need to remember that it all started with just the 2 of us – Natalie and Phil. We need to make sure that the 2 of us are the strongest we can be, the happiest we can be because I never want to be in a situation where I no longer have this family unit. I never not want to see my husband lying next to me in bed or have weekends where my kids aren’t with me. We need to spend time communicating and planning and even reminiscing.

It was only one night. We talked and laughed, we drank cocktails and held hands. We pottered about. It was what we needed – being a couple again, just for one night.

17 thoughts on “It started with 2

  1. It sounds like an amazing one night. We’ve not been away without the kids yet and I do crave it but I need to pluck up the courage to just do it. You’re so right, it’s so important to spend time as a couple and reconnect but you kind of just forget don’t you? I hope you’re doing ok with the anxiety. I went through it after having E and CBT really really helped me xx

  2. Oh how beautiful. This is just so important to do. We are really bad at this stuff too as love being with the children but it’s so important because as you say it started with two. Beautiful post x #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Lovely. My husband and I went away for 2 nights last month. It was amazing. I loved it. We needed it. Our family are better for it.

  4. So glad you had a lovely time, we definitely need to do this as I am struggling a little bit too, since being a mother of two I find it so hard to switch off and sorry you feel this too, sending love your way x

  5. This is so nice when it happens, and helps you remember being a couple too. Having just moved abroad this is something we can’t do for lack of baby sitters, but I know I would jump at the chance of a good break!! #sharethebloglove

  6. I’m so pleased you had such a lovely time away. It can become so difficult to really remember what life was like before children, but it’s so important for a relationship. I definitely need to remember this and try to make time to get away for a night with my husband at least once in the next year – we didn’t manage it when Max was little until he was much older. Cocktails and a grown up night sound absolutely wonderful! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. It sounds like a lovely night away. I think we all need to this time away and we need to make more effort to do this. I didn’t leave my girls until Alice was nearly 4 and Holly was 2. It was hard, but we needed that time. Cocktails sound right up my street. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. Love this, and completely agree with you. We had a night away at a spa just after Christmas and it was bliss. We missed Alfie like crazy, but it was what we needed. He wasn’t bothered in the slightest and cried when we picked him up because he wanted to stay with his cousins – that’s love for you!! #MarvMondays

  9. Aaaw yes this is so important. We also have very little child-free time together as a couple because we don’t have any family close by to help out with babysitting duties. We love having the kids around, but everyone needs a break on occasion. I hope you feel really refreshed and reconnected after yours #sharingthebloglove

  10. Sounds like it was just what you needed. We often talk loads about the kids when we get a rare evening out but just to have time, just the two of you without distraction and interruption is bliss x

  11. You are so right, sometimes the things we need to do most are not what we want to do! Your break away sounds absolutely perfect, I can’t remember the last time my husband and I had any time without the children so must make a point of just doing it xx

  12. Making time together as a couple is so important and if you can get a night away it’s even better. That first time you can feel a little guilty but we’ve done it a few times now and the kids love it because they get spoilt rotten playing with their grandparents and we come back refreshed and relaxed and happier parents. It’s a win win really.

  13. This is such a wonderful post. It’s so easy to neglect the your other half when your kids are screeching for your time. Yet your partner is the one who will be there when they are grown and gone. It’s so important to have some time away. Often my husband and I will take a day off whilst our daughter is at nursery. We’ll go for lunch, potter, chat, do chores together. It’s nice to be free to do as we choose for those few hours. Hope you get away again soon for another break together! #SharingTheBlogLove

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