Getting Organised with Stikets.

Getting Organised with Stikets.

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Iron on labels are not something that I am familiar with. I am not the kind of Mum who labels school uniforms. Due to this every year we generally lose quite a few jumpers. Harri comes home with the wrong sports kits. I don’t even want to think about the different water bottles that get passed around in school.

Discovering Stikets

So when I  recently received an email from Stikets. A names labels company asking did I want to review their basic pack for each of the girls. In a bid to get more organised and lose less, I said yes please.

The basic pack contains 142 labels including iron on labels and stick on labels. All different sizes and for all different purposes at a cost of £19.95. The website is really easy to use although I may have lost quite some time on there because of the many different options to choose from.

iron on and stick on labels

The Different Sticker Designs

You write what you would like on the first line of the label. I chose my girls’ name for this and then you can add an optional line underneath, which I left this blank. I guess this could be used for your postal address or telephone number though.

You can then choose the font style, colour, background as well as a theme or symbol. I decided to stick with blue for Meme as that’s her favourite colour and together with a dolphin symbol. My Harri on the other hand is a little obsessed with pigs so I was delighted to find a pig symbol. I also chose a few different colours including pinks and purple.

First Impressions of Stikets

When our stickers arrived we were all a little amazed. I think I was just expecting a pile of labels in an envelope but what arrived was so much more. The labels came so well presented in a little folder organised into different sleeves and detailing what sticker can be used for. The stickers also looked lovely and such great quality.

iron on and stick on labels


We have started to label the girls stationery and I have already used the iron-on labels on their new summer uniforms. There are so many that I know they’ll keep us going for several school terms.

I should also add that this would make such a lovely gift for someone who is starting school in September, a great way to encourage them to get excited and help label their stuff in preparation.

We have been busy using ours and I am hoping that the days of losing jumpers and water bottles are long behind us.

The iron on labels and stick on labels have been sent to us in exchange for a honest review. 

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