Homeschooling Catch Up

Homeschooling Catch Up

Homeschooling week 12 – maybe? I haven’t wrote a homeschooling post in a few weeks. I am struggling with time. As usual my blogging takes a hit when this happens (which is so frustrating).

Homeschooling is so time consuming and the longer it continues the harder it gets. After week 9 it was half term which was lovely. The sun was shining and it was nice to switch off. However since then it is getting harder to motivate the girls to homeschool.

In some ways the past few weeks it has been a little easier. We have been out and meeting friends (socially distanced). We have been the beach. Pottered around our village. Even finding a book shop that was open. I have tried to break the working week up a little so we are not doing work every day.

However keeping them focused is hard – especially Harriet. Trying to entertain Alfie and help Harriet is tough. I am worried that Harriet is falling behind because I just don’t have the time to give her the support she needs. Although if I am being honest I think her lack of work is more down to laziness than inability to do the work. Every time I ask her to do school work I am met with resistance. However when she finally completes the work it is perfect and doesn’t take long at all. It is exhausting. Homeschooling books

Reading is a huge issue with Harri. She doesn’t like it. I am trying to think of ways i can get her to engage a little more with books. I allowed both girls to choose a book from the Big dreams, Little people collection. These are beautiful books and great ways to inspire and teach our children about Men and Woman who have helped shape our world. Harriet read her book to me, we discussed the books together and then both girls completed a book review. They seemed to enjoy this task and we plan to buy a new one of these books each month to build our collection.

Harri is really strong at maths and  when I find a piece of work that includes art with maths then she happily does it. We are slowly working through her school work but each day is a drama.

It is hard to keep track of Meme. She does her school work on Google Class room. It is hard to keep up what needs doing. She does some mental maths every days which she is amazing at. She is also reading lots. I am encouraging her to read more classic novels. She is currently reading my childhood favourite ‘Ballet Shoes‘. Meme starts year 5 in September which is quite an important year for her. I have spoken to her the importance of completing work and  I trust her when she says she is doing it.

I have been spending a morning alone with Alfie going the beach fora run around and play. it has been lovely to be able to focus on him. This juggling act is tough. It is hard to give each child the attention they need.


New Brighton Beach

There are so many parts of lockdown which have been lovely. I love having the children home and some days it feels like the summer holidays which is great. Then I remember that it’s not the holidays and we have work do to. I love having my husband working from home and I love the slow mornings. Yet I am craving time to myself. Some time for self care and get some work done of my own.

How is homeschooling for you?



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