Helping your child develop their critical thinking skills

Helping your child develop their critical thinking skills

Being a critical thinker is important for every individual. As parents, it is important to help your children develop their critical thinking skills from an early age. This is one of the key elements that help your child make sense of the world around them. It helps them ask the right questions and make better judgements of things that don’t make sense to them. Critical thinking allows children to gather the skills needed in order for them to thrive primary school onwards. Read on to find out the best ways to help your child develop their critical thinking skills.

Teach your child how to agree and disagree

Being able to do this shows signs of critical thinking. If your child is having a conversation with you and they discuss their opinion, ask them why it is they are agreeing or disagreeing. Ask them whether they believe if their opinion is right or wrong. This gives them the chance to evaluate their decisions and if necessary, eliminate later.

As children grow up, they are able to provide simple answers to questions however when asked why, they struggle to explain. For example, if your child has a problem with their classmate snatching, they may respond with ‘I think they should give it back’. You can encourage them to use their critical thinking skills by asking them why they think their classmate should return the ball. They may then respond with because it does not belong to them. This is a great way to get your child thinking better.

Encourage your child to feel free to speak more openly.

Allow them to talk about why they feel a certain way or do certain things, what they mean by some of their questions and if they can give examples. As time goes by, your child will start to think more critically.

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