Help Your Skin Through The Winter Months

Help Your Skin Through The Winter Months

In the summer, it’s pretty humid, and few people have any skin issues. However, when the weather turns and the temperature dips, all heck can break loose. 

Going from heated rooms, heated cars and public transport into the cold over and over can set your skin on a rollercoaster ride – it’s a nightmare. 

Whilst for some skin issues like eczema, perioral dermatitis or acne it can be advised to seek advice from a specialised dermatologist. However if you are just looking to reduce dry skin, dullness and redness on your face these simple tips can help. 


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Protect what you have

Our skin has plenty of natural oils, and it is easy to lose them if you don’t take steps to protect them. Washing your face with strong chemicals, or too often, can strip it of its natural oils. 

When the temperature starts to dip, it’s a great time to assess your current skincare routine. Leave hydrating things in, and take out some of the harsher chemicals. 

Another problem is that when the weather gets colder, we are more tempted to take long, steamy showers and baths to keep the water lukewarm. 


It’s time to up the hydrating products that you use and add in some calming skincare too. Cream cleansers, a thicker moisturiser, and a lip balm will help your skin stay soothed and supple – even when the weather outside is biting. 


Any products that have fragrances and alcohol are worth removing from the routine too. We don’t notice the loss of moisture so much in the summer, but the winter makes a more significant impact. 


Often we forget to give our hands some extra moisturiser because we are so focused on ensuring our facial skin is well maintained. 

Keep some hand cream in your bag, on your desk and by the bed. Apply it liberally and often. 


Here are some of the best hand cream options:


  • O’Keeffe’s working hands hand cream
  • Kiehl’s ultimate strength hand salve
  • Burt’s Bees almond & milk hand cream
  • Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream


Just because you aren’t as warm as you are in the summer, doesn’t mean the sun can’t damage your skin. Many people don’t know that the sun’s rays get reflected when it’s snowing and can increase your exposure levels. 


Just because the days look darker doesn’t mean it’s time to skimp on your SPF.


If you have many plants, you probably already know about the wonders of a humidifier. But, they’re not just great for keeping your plants hydrated – they can work for you too. 


Whatever room you spend the most time in at home is the perfect place for you to have a humidifier. 


Winter air is dry, which is why your skin can suffer so much – even at home. A humidifier adds some moisture into the otherwise dry air

Skin Treatments

There are so many amazing skin treatments that you can have that will help refresh and revive your skin. Find a good and reputable Aesthetic Doctor with positive Botox reviews that can help you find a treatment that you are happy with.

And finally, in the winter most people significantly reduce the amount of water they drink, because they aren’t as warm. Pay attention to how much you are drinking to maintain your hydration levels and help your skin out.

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