Harri is ready but am I?

Harri is ready but am I?

It has been a big couple of weeks for my little girls, we have definitely had a few milestones, not big ones that we will remember in a few years, just small but important ones that made me stop and realise my baby is growing up.

Whilst Meme never had a dummy, Harri did, which we got rid of about 6 months ago, though she was still allowed to have it for bed time. Now it had to be a certain dummy and her favourite was a brown one. She used to wake me often in the middle of the night shouting ‘ brown doodie’ – it never bothered us, it was just a night comforter and she would grow out of it when she was ready. However, last Sunday I noticed she had bit a hole in the dummy and I knew I had to get rid of it as it would be getting full of germs and nasties so I told her that the doodie fairy needed it for other babies.  Firstly, I would never have chosen to do this on a Sunday with a full week ahead and also I would have liked to have been a bit more prepared with a story/ gift etc. I told her, instead of a doodie in the night we would go get her a new bedtime cup, which she seemed happy about. We also told her that the doodie fairy would come and take it away in the evening.

I did contemplate going to buy a new one to have just in case but I resisted. Me and my husband both knew that she was getting too old for one and we needed to get rid of it so we just had to stay strong and stick to the plan. Harri was fine, we didn’t even have tears, it was a really easy transition which I feel that she must have been ready for.

The last couple of weeks we have made progress with her hair, she has lovely straight blonde hair but she would never let me touch it or style it. I have tried and tried but she would always shout ‘ hair out’. It used to drive me a little crazy as, throughout the day, it would get messy and tatty and be in her face. She stayed in my Mums last week and my Mum finally convinced her to have her hair in bunches and we haven’t looked back.

She looks so cute and grown up, such a big girl and, whilst the fact that she doesn’t look like a baby any more pulls at my heart strings, it looks so much better.

So two big changes for my baby, she is 3 in June and in the last couple of weeks I have seen some changes in her. She seems to be able to understand more and we have had less tantrums and upset. She really has been a pleasure to spend time with, she is such a character and full of fun. In the next few months Harri will be preparing to leave nursery ready to start pre school in September. I am a little nervous about this as she is not great with change but I feel that pre school will be good for Harri and prepare her for the following year when she starts reception.

The small steps that she has made in the last couple of weeks have proved that she is no longer a baby and is ready for the next stage of her life – I think it may just be me that is not ready!

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22 thoughts on “Harri is ready but am I?

  1. Bless her, it’s often us that’s not ready isn’t it. I am a little ashamed and embarrassed to say we still let J have hers at night but when we go into her room we take it from the bed. I think I may take your idea of a cup as a bargaining tool x

  2. Her hair looks so pretty in bunches and you’re definitely right that most times it’s the parents not quite ready to move on rather than the children! Well done on getting rid of the dummy, mine would never take one which was good in the long run but in the early days I wished I had something to comfort them other than myself!

  3. Aww she does look adorable with her hair in bunches!! And so grown up too, I’m glad she didn’t mind loosing her dummy too much 🙂

  4. Oh I love her bunches, she looks so cute! Greta seems to have grown up recently, I don’t know why they do it all of a sudden, probably to catch us Mummies off guard, but they do seem to just suddenly make a big leap don’t they?

  5. Harri’s bunches are so cute and well done to her on coping so well without her doodie. These milestones are so bittersweet though aren’t they?

  6. Honestly I do think we need to be ready too. I remember getting rid of Zs dummy and I kept putting it off for ages because I felt like I wasn’t quite ready yet. You do get there eventually though. Best of luck. Your little girl is just gorgeous xx

  7. That’s lovely! Well done to her for being so brave about the dummy and the hair. My niece turned 3 in December and is an absolute nightmare with her hair. She will only have it one style, but she’s always pulling it out and yelling that it’s not tight enough!
    Thanks for linking with Loud ‘n’ Proud.

    1. They are so funny – we had so much trouble with here hair I struggled to even get a brush through it at times. I am hopeful we have turned a corner! Thanks for your comment Sarah x

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