Sunny weather, spring coats and a lot of chatter #littleloves

Sunny weather, spring coats and a lot of chatter #littleloves

What a lovely week it’s been, I was so ready for some sunshine, it cheers me up no end! Back to school for my big girl and she was actually excited to return – things are looking up.

Here is what I’ve been loving this week.


I have been dipping in and out of a few books but I can’t seem to find one that I really like.

Meme, however, went and got a whole lot of books out from the library and has been busy working her way through them. She also loves the Rainbow Magic books so we have been reading a bit each night before bed. I’m quite enjoying it.


We watched the film The Martian at the weekend which we loved – Matt Damon was great. We also watched The Dress Maker with Kate Winslet, which I’m undecided about. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to spoilt it but hmm I just don’t know. Has anyone else seen it?


A lot of chatter chatter chatter from my girls, they love sleeping in the same room but not a lot of sleep is being had – I am not sure if I should put them back in their own rooms again although they will not be happy.

I have also finally been back to the gym the last couple of weeks, so I have been listening to a little bit of Beyonce.



Well we have had our spring coats on – finally!! Whoop whoop! I have taken my boots off, the girls have had summer dresses on – yes getting really excited by the slightly warmer weather.

Harri has also been wearing her hair up! Definitly a milestone – in fact, I think this subject deserves a whole blog post dedicated to it. There is nothing cuter than 2 little bunches!



I have been busy making changes to my blog – I had my husband harassed with it. Following my post, Blogging goals, I am making a little bit of progress, writing down some goals has definitely made me more focussed. There are still changes to be made but small steps. I would love to know what you think?

And Lastly

I am out tonight with some new school friend mums, I feel a little nervous about it as it’s right out of my comfort zone but they are all a lovely bunch so hopefully once the drinks start flowing I will feel fine.

Have a lovely weekend xxxx

6 thoughts on “Sunny weather, spring coats and a lot of chatter #littleloves

  1. The weather has been beautiful this week, so great to see sunshine and blue skies.. Although I wish the temperature would notch up a bit. I loved The Martian, we’ve watched it a couple of times now and have really enjoyed it. I’ve not seen the new Kate Winslet film but will look for it this weekend and let you know! Have a lovely week 🙂 #LittleLoves

  2. The weather has been lovely this week. I love your daughter with pigtails. I’ve finally managed to get some in my daughters hair and love it. She has really curly hair so has taken nerly 3 years to get it long enough! Have fun tonight.

  3. The weather has been lovely and it definitely boosts me up too! Haven’t seen those films I’m afraid and I’m not sure you’re selling them to me-lol!
    Good luck with your blogging goals-made me think about what I want too!
    I hope you enjoyed last night?! ?X

  4. Your blog looks great! Good luck with your blogging goals. It does help to get your goals written down, doesn’t it?
    I loved the warmer weather last wee, shame it hasn’t really continued! We had hailstones like golfballs today!

  5. The weather has been so random here. It was glorious during last week, then chilly at the weekend and we had snow and hail on and off yesterday. I feel like I’m leaving the house with two weeks’ worth of clothes every morning to cover all eventualities – especially now that I’ve loads of baby stuff again. My buggy is groaning with the weight.

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