Guiding Children Through Change

Guiding Children Through Change

Change is a big part of life, and as an adult, it’s likely that you’ve developed plenty of ways to cope with change over the years. That’s a good thing, and it can help you feel less stressed and more in control of anything that’s happening. However, when it comes to children, they might not have come up with their coping mechanisms yet, so it’s down to you to help them. No matter the change, you can be there for them, guiding them through it. With that in mind, keep reading to find out how to do it. 

Talk To Them

You can’t just assume that your children are fine with everything happening around them, especially if the change is big, like moving house, changing (or starting school), a death in the family, or a divorce, for example. Just because they haven’t said they’re having problems, that doesn’t mean they’re okay with everything, so it’s great to talk honestly and openly to them to find out how they feel. 

Start by talking through the situation and explaining it as best you can (in an age-appropriate way). Don’t get too emotional if possible, as you need to keep a clear head and be there for your child, and make sure you encourage them to ask questions and tell you exactly how they’re feeling. In that way, you’ll be better positioned to help and guide them through the changes. 

Stick To Routine 

Children need routine, and it’s what helps them grow and feel secure and safe. That’s why it’s so important to stick to as many of the usual routines as possible, no matter what else might be happening. When you keep regular meal times, bedtimes, playtimes, and any other routines you might have, you’ll be able to help your children feel safe and grounded, even when other things around them are uncertain. 

This might not always be easy, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in and what the change is that’s happening. A divorce, for example, can mean that routines get confused, especially when children are living in two homes, but getting additional advice from sites like Two Healthy Homes can definitely help. Never be afraid to look for or ask for advice, especially if it’s going to help your children, who always need to be your first priority. 

Involve Them In The Process 

Although it will depend greatly on the change you’re going through, it can be a great idea to involve your children in the process to help them get used to the new way of doing things. For example, if you’re moving home, they can choose which bedroom they want or how to decorate their room. If you’re having another baby, perhaps they can help you choose a name or buy some clothes. 

If a child has to go through change, it’s great to make it as easy as possible, and when they’re involved in the process, it won’t seem so strange and scary anymore – they might even become a lot more positive about the idea, ensuring everyone feels a lot happier about life. 

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