Exploring English Literature with Your Child

Exploring English Literature with Your Child

English literature has many advantages for children. It can benefit them academically, professionally and even on a personal level. Children naturally have such wonderful imaginations and it’s so important for both teachers and parents to foster this ability through reading and creative writing activities. If your child seems to find English Literature a difficult subject, there are numerous ways you can help them, as discussed below by a prep school in North Kensington.

Start by encouraging your child to read as often as possible and try and mix up the genres. This is especially true during the summer holidays when they are not naturally reading at school. In fact, you should try and make reading and writing a part of everyday life by asking your child to relay the cooking instructions to you or write out the next shopping list.

Encouraging your child to read will help them to develop strong spelling and grammar skills and even improve their vocabulary. Plus, it will introduce them to various different writing styles and allow them to become familiar with the popular elements of different genres. All of this will help your child develop their own writing skills, which will benefit them throughout life.

Be sure to show an interest in your child’s books. Ask them what they liked or disliked about the story and if there’s anything they would’ve done differently if they were the author. In fact, you could suggest that your child writes a review about each of the books they have read, giving them a score out of five. Alternatively, if they are up for a challenge, they could re-write the ending of the story and let their imagination run wild.

If you require more advice on how to help your child with their reading and writing, don’t be afraid to contact their school. The teachers will be able to give you a brief outline of the curriculum and suggest some age appropriate books for you to invest in so that your child is well-prepared for their lessons. You will find that teachers are normally more than happy to help parents who want to enrich their child’s learning experience!

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