Crazy weather, New Shoes and Justice #littleloves

Crazy weather, New Shoes and Justice #littleloves

Last week of April. I feel I always start my #littleloves with a weather update and this one is no different. Seriously, what is going on? After lovely sunny weather last week, taking sun hats and sun cream into school, this week has been freezing.

Here is what I have been loving this week….


I have also been reading all the great tips and advice from my Blogging Goals post – so thank you so much if you spent the time commenting.


Not been watching much. Caught up with Made in Chelsea but seriously I feel like I’m getting a little too old for all this relationship drama.


I have been holding on to wearing my Spring coat but the girls have had to put their winter coats back on – it is just so cold and wet and miserable!


Harri has also got some new shoes which she loves!



The verdict from the Hillsborough disaster – unlawful killing. It broke my heart hearing the families singing ‘you will never walk alone’ outside the court after hearing the verdict.  These brave people had fought for so long for their lost Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters and friends – finally they got the justice they so much deserved.

I remember watching the Hillsborough disaster on the news from my Liverpool home when I was 7 or 8, my Dad was also at a semi final that day but luckily for me and my family we were the blue half of the city. In the aftermath of the disaster we went to pay our respects in Anfield to lay some flowers, it was rammed with people all wanting to show that they cared,  it was city united in grief.

The way these fans and their families were treated was disgusting, to watch a loved one go to a football match and never return is simply heartbreaking, but to know it could have been prevented is horrific. Then to be blamed, lied to and having to experience the cover up, by people that we are brought up to trust, for 27 years – it is simply beyond belief.


For Meme’s homework we had to make a mini garden, so Sunday evening my girls were busy picking flowers and grass to put into a box to make a little garden, with the help of Daddy of course, who gets terribly competitive. I forgot to take a picture – but take it from me it was pretty impressive.

And Lastly

It’s the bank holiday weekend yeah! No plans at all which sounds like music to my ears.


12 thoughts on “Crazy weather, New Shoes and Justice #littleloves

  1. I used to love MIC, but I haven’t watched it in ages. Are some of the originals still on it or are they all new now? I’ve been seeing pics of snow a lot lately – it’s almost May, what on earth’s going on!? Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I love Harri’s shoes, they’re so cute. I can’t believe we’re still in coats, I’ve usually ditched mine back in March, although my husband tells me warmer weather is on the way this week so we’ll wait and see! xx

  3. The weather is rubbish and very odd. We’ve had snow last week. Love the sound of your mini garden. I’ve heard the weather is going to be warmer next weekend but we’ll wait and see.

  4. Yes they are Mini Melissa – we have had a couple of pairs from her and they are so cute and smell delicious (strange I know). Thanks for hosting Morgana xx

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