The cost of single parenting

The cost of single parenting

It is no secret that having children is expensive. Food, clothes, childcare there is no end to it. Then there is the days out, swimming and dance lessons and holidays, of course you don’t have to do these things but you want to. You want to take them on adventures and see the country and even the world. You want to try and let them have so many different experiences, and whilst you don’t want them to be spoilt you do want to be able to give them everything.

It can be financially hard having three children but I realise that I am so lucky that I have my husband who supports us. We share the workload so it helps save us money. He does the school run every morning allowing me to get to the office early. He works from home some days so he can pick the girls up which means that we don’t need to pay for after school clubs. If we were a one parent family we would really struggle, having three children, I am not sure it would be worth me working at all which would definitely change our lifestyle significantly.

I have been working with Payplan discussing the Financial struggles that Single parents face. They have put together a infographic highlighting some really shocking statistics. Did you know that 1 in 4 families in the UK are a single parent family and 9 in 10 single parent families are headed by a single mother.  Pay plan have detailed the difference in costs of a two parent family against a single parent family and it really is quite revealing, it is so much more expensive to do anything as a family.

They also have some helpful tips on how to save a little money so it is definitely worth taking at look at, even as a two parent family, there are suggestions on how little initiatives can help you financially.

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