Toys with Slime - Glam Goo

Toys with Slime – Introducing Glam Goo

What child doesn’t like toys with slime? Every time Meme (who is aged 8) is invited to a play date or party she tends to come home with a bag full of slime. Much to Harri’s excitement.

Introducing Glam Goo – DIY Slime.

As for me, I am not that into it as you can imagine. When we were given the opportunity to review some Glam Goo products I have to admit that I was a little intrigued. Glam Goo is fashionable DIY slime.

The idea of Glam Goo is that you decorate adding different colours and sparkle to you slime and and fill a section of the handbag and ring (provided) with it, matching your mood or your outfit. My girls are pretty excited to get started, especially my little fashionista Harri.

Toys with Slime - Glam Goo

Inside the Glam Goo Deluxe pack was:

  • Handbag
  • Ring
  • 3 Tubes of different decorations
  • Clear Slime
  • 2 Shimmer Powder Colours – blue and pink
  • 1 Scent
  • 1 Mixing Spoon

We opened the pack of slime and started to add some sparkles, Meme choosing the white ones and Harri putting a bit of everything in. I need to mention that this slime was so sticky that it was really hard to hold or mix. A tip on the instruction sheet (which I wish I had read before starting to play with it!) is to dilute a pinch of baking soda into a small bowl of water and add slowly to the slime until it reaches the desired consistency. I would definitely recommend this, just to make it a little easier to use.

Toys with Slime - Glam Goo

When the slime is sparkly and coloured to your preference, it is time to fill the handbag. We put the slime in the wrong side of the bag at first but once we realised it was easy enough to correct. My girls love their new handbag and quickly used the rest of their slime to fill their ring to match.

Toys with Slime - Glam Goo

It is a fun activity and the girls are so excited to use their new bags. It would have been nice to separate the slime and make it different colours but it was just too sticky. My girls are eager to try more from the Glam Goo range and so am I!!

Do you like toys with slime in? I am guessing the answer will be no!

We have received these products in exchange for a honest review!

8 thoughts on “Toys with Slime – Introducing Glam Goo

  1. Slime always sounds like a good idea. Like seriously, slime has no age gap. It is so great to calm down the stress and feel a little relief from the everyday life. I love smashing slime.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! i once made and played with slime with my nieces and I loved it, I think it was more interesting for me than to them

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