Book Reviews: Great Books to read this Winter.

Book Reviews: Great Books to read this Winter.

This Winter has brought more lockdowns and rubbish news so I have been losing myself in some good books. Reading is definitely escapism for me at the moment, a chance to switch off and have some self care. I always read blogs and Instagram accounts with book recommendations and book reviews. Here are some book reviews of my best reads from the last few months.

Grown Ups – Marian Keyes

I have read a lot of Marian Keyes books and whilst I like them, I rarely get excited about them. Grown Ups was released almost a year ago so it definitely wasn’t on my must read list. However I stumbled across it so decided to download a sample to my kindle. A couple of pages in and I was hooked.

The book follows the life’s of the Casey Family. Starting with a dinner party were Cara suffers from concussion and tells a few home truths about the family (much to everyones horror!). The book then goes back in time detailing the months leading to the dramatic dinner party. It was such an easy read and I loved the way each chapter was from a different family member’s view. It was one of those books that left me wanting to know more. Definitely worth a read a maybe one of my favourite Marian Keyes’ books.

The Marble Collector – Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is another author who has some amazing books and some books that just weren’t for me.¬† I loved Ps I love You which I read many years ago, and also really enjoyed ‘The Time of My Life’ but struggled to get into many of her other books. After reading Postscript during lockdown and enjoying it I thought I would give ‘The Marble Collector‘ a read. Oh my gosh it was beautiful.

It follows the story of Sabrina Bogg who is a little fed up, just plodding along with life when she comes across a box of her Father’s possessions. The story follows Sabrina on her quest to find out more about her Father’s life. The chapters vary from her Father’s past to current time. I loved this book. Beautifully written and one of Aherns best in my opinion.

The Giver of Stars – Jojo Moyes.

I know for sure that I would never have purchased this book myself. Having previously read the synopsis of ‘The Giver of Stars‘ it really didn’t appeal to me. However my husband bought me it for Christmas so I thought that I may as well give it a read. I am so glad I did. Jojo Moyes is a beautiful writer, Me before you being a favourite and more recently ‘The Girl You Left Behind’.

The Giver of Stars is set in 1937 where the main character English woman Alice Wright is married to an American Man and is living in Kentucky. In a loveless marriage and dealing with her oppressive Father in Law, Alice volunteers at the local travelling library. The book explores friendship, love and hope. It is beautifully written and kept me guessing until the end. Without a doubt one of Moyes’ best books I’ve read. I didn’t want it to end.

The Light we Lost – Jill Santopolo

I have never read any of Jill Santopolo’s books before but ‘The Light we Lost‘ was highly acclaimed and on the Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club picks so I thought I would give it a try. The novel begins with Lucy and Gabe meeting on September 11th 2001 in New York, the day the world changed forever. The book follows the next 13 years were their lives are entwined. It is a beautiful love story and whilst I found myself increasingly frustrated with the main character Lucy and also a little disappointed with the ending, I did really enjoy the book. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks after which is always the sign of a good book.

I Found You – Lisa Jewell

It’s no secret that Lisa Jewell is one of my favourite authors. I don’t think I have read a book of hers and not loved it. I Found You follows Alice who one day mysteriously discovers a man on the beach. He doesn’t know who he is or where he has come from.

Meanwhile Lily having just married for a couple of weeks find that he husband has gone missing.

20 years earlier a teenager brother and sister are spending a summer holiday by the beach with their parents when a boy takes an obsessive liking to the sister.

As the book goes on you start to see the connection between these three stories. The ending is not a big surprise but it is written beautifully and I loved the character of Alice.


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