Are you drinking enough water??

Are you drinking enough water??

Are you drinking enough water? Back in my 20’s before I was a Mummy, I was a little addicted to fizzy drinks. I remember drinking at least one can of fizzy pop a day. It wasn’t until years later that I realised how much damage it was doing to my body and teeth. I can’t remember a time I hadn’t drank these kind of drinks. Growing up the health risks just weren’t as highlighted as they are now. These days, all you have to do is look at the news to see or read stories of children having teeth removed due to too much sugar. Or how diabetes is on the rise due to over consumption of fizzy drinks.

My Children’s drinking habits.

Now I have my own children I am very aware of how much of these sugary drinks they are consuming. Meme is at that age where she will ask for a glass of fizzy pop and, truthfully, now and again, I will give her a small glass as a treat. However, the fact that she loves the children’s drinks that are absolutely loaded with sugar is a big worry.

The Give Up Loving Pop (GULP) Campaign

So when I heard about the Give Up Loving Pop (GULP) campaign, which is being run by one of my local authorities, Knowsley Council, and promoted by Home2Office Water Coolers,  I jumped at the chance to be involved. It is an initiative which is encouraging people to stop drinking the sugary pop for the month of May and switching to water or milk instead.

I am quite lucky as Harri only ever drinks water or milk (yes I am proud to say I am one of those smug Mamma’s at parties requesting a glass of water!!) but Meme does love a soft drink, as do me and my husband. So May has been a fizzy pop free month and, truthfully, I don’t actually think we are missing it. I think it is more habit to order a fizzy drink when out and about than actual preference. I can already feel the benefits of drinking more water. My skin feels clearer. I feel less bloated and I don’t have my usual early evening headache.

How did we get on

So as we enter the last couple of weeks of May I have to admit the challenge has been pretty easy. Yes, sometimes I have craved a fizzy drink but I have stuck to my water and I feel better for it. Meme has request a glass of fizzy pop occasionally but hasn’t complained when I have given her a glass of water and ,as for my Husband, I honestly don’t think he has even noticed. What has started as a monthly challenge has spurred me on to keep going.

Could you give up fizzy drinks? Why don’t you challenge yourself for the remainder of May – you might actually surprise yourself!

Are you drinking enough water?

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8 thoughts on “Are you drinking enough water??

  1. As I have Type 1 Diabetes I am unable to drink many fizzy drinks. I do like a Diet Coke when out and about though! As a general rule we don’t have any fizzy juice in the house, sticking to water milk or diluting juice. I would miss it when out and about though!

  2. This is great, well done to you all! I don’t really drink fizzy drinks other than occasionally if I’m out in the evening and have to drive. The girls don’t drink them except for at parties so we wouldn’t benefit from giving up really but if you’re into them then cutting them out is a great achievement. If only I could make myself do the same with cake!

  3. Both my girls only drink water and milk. With Alice occasionally having juice added to her water at the weekends or parties. But I love a diet coke and my husband drinks far too much fizzy drink so I think it would be us that would benefit the most from this! I wonder if I can persuade him to do it! x

  4. I find when I give up fizzy drinks I don’t miss them after a while. But a coke is my treat when I go out – I do love it! Thankfully Max doesn’t actually like fizzy drinks (so far!), but definitely does have a sweet tooth. He used to be great at having just water, but slowly the squash has crept in, and now it’s all about the blackcurrant. Well done to you and your family!

  5. None of us drink fizzy drinks either, I can’t have caffeine so I never drink them and the children don’t really know what fizzy drinks are – yet!! I think it sounds like a great challenge, well done you for cutting it out! Xx

  6. I am super impressed. Monkey will have water and squash (on occasion) although we try to keep to water. Last holiday he was allowed a small dizzy drink but it’s not something g we do very often. I’m quite partial to a Diet Coke so I think I would struggle. It’s a good campaign though. Cx

  7. I think you’ll find Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise due to fizzy drinks 😉 Type 1 is an autoimmune condition that isn’t caused by lifestyle or diet… Aside from that though, I really do need to stop drinking fizzy drinks.. slight addiction here means that I have them most days eek! I might have to challenge myself too.

    Stevie x

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