These two

These two. They make me giggle. The are best friends one minute then bickering the next. They love each other fiercely but then they are quick to blame each other when I am cross about something.

I guess when you are young it’s hard to appreciate the gift of siblings. To understand that these people you are growing up with, playing with each day – these are the people that will be next to you forever, holding your hand and supporting you.

You take them for granted. You don’t actually remember a time without them. Harri has never known a life without Meme. I always say to my girls you don’t know how lucky you are having each other and, to be fair, I didn’t growing up with my sisters. You take for granted those lazy mornings together watching television chatting about nonsense, you take for granted that there will always be someone in the house for you to play with and that you always have a buddy.

But one day, when they are much older and they are upset or have had a bad day, they will cry and pick up their phone to call a friend. Then they will realise the person they need to talk to is their sister.

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.

Cali Rae Turner


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17 thoughts on “These two

  1. Oh that quote at the end is beautiful! They look like they have the perfect relationship and the perfect balance of love and annoying each other! x

  2. I love this … I hope my kids realise they always have a friend in one another! Its so painful sometimes with all of the squabbles – I hear ya! But I am glad when they are giggling..its so joyful. x #ordinarymoments

  3. They look so adorable here, I do worry about J not having a sibling but I am sure she’ll be fine with a good network around her #MySundayPhoto #LivingArrows

  4. These are just so lovely Natalie! Their smiles together are gorgeous, they obviously have such a close bond. I have a great relationship with my sister, despite our ups and downs over the years, and I really hope my two will have the same – that quote at the end is just perfect! #livingarrows

  5. My sister and I are each others best friend, and I watch my girls laugh all the time just the way I did growing up with my sister, it is the best bond. Your girls are so blessed, and so gorgeous too xx #mg

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