Am I Number Five?

Am I Number Five?

Periods – not a subject we talk about often, ever actually. Why is that? Even now in 2018 it is still such a taboo subject. So maybe now it’s time to talk?

I have suffered from heavy and painful periods for the majority of my life. Every month was the same – I didn’t feel comfortable swimming, I couldn’t wear certain clothes, I absolutely dreaded PE class. I was self conscious and embarrassed, and this wasn’t just when I was a teenager.

I always remember this one occasion during my mid twenties. Me and a few of my friends were attending the Grand National Race Meet. We saved all year and spent a fortune on a ticket, which included a meal and drinks. After months of shopping, I found the perfect outfit of green shorts and a cream blouse (it doesn’t sound great but honestly it was!) and when the day arrived I was so excited. However, typically my period arrived as heavy as ever. I spent the whole day feeling self conscious and worrying about leaking that it completely ruined my day.

I thought that this was just something that I had to accept, just get on with. I actually believed this until a few months ago when I heard about the ‘Am I number 5? campaign’. This amazing campaign aims to raise awareness about how 1 in 5 women are living with heavy menstrual cycles and, more importantly, 62% of women don’t realise that this is a medical condition and can be treated.

‘Am I number 5’ aims to encourage women to seek medical advice, to go and have a chat with their GP and get treatment. I wish I had known about this a long time ago, it definitely would have made my life a lot easier. There are all kinds of different treatments available and the campaign website includes a really good informative table detailing all of them along with the benefits and disadvantages, thus encouraging you to go and seek help!!!

To help raise awareness of this condition and help make people realise that heavy periods are a medical condition and can be treated, Hologic has teamed up with Endometriosis UK and Wellbeing of Women. They are asking people to paint one of their fingernails a different colour to the rest to represent the one in five people suffering from this condition. A picture should then be shared publicly on social media, nominating friends to do the same and not forgetting to add the hashtag #aminumber5 with a link to

For every photo shared Hologic will donate a £1 to Endometriosis UK and Wellbeing of Woman – how amazing is this?

So let’s help spread the word, take the photo, raise awareness and ask yourself that ever important question – Are you number 5?


There is so much more information about this campaign on  

4 thoughts on “Am I Number Five?

  1. Such a great campaign! I never had issues with my periods growing up but then for the last 10 months I have bled, every single day. It’s been a bit of a nightmare to be honest but I did take the plunge and see my doctor and have been seeing a gynaecologist and have a plan in place. It’s definitely something we need to talk more about!

  2. It is so important to raise awareness about this issue. I am not sure why we don’t seem to talk about it very much when we will quite happily discuss childbirth. I never knew it was a condition or that it could potentially be treated. I am sure your post will help others x

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