A very special Wedding

A very special Wedding

This week we celebrated my sister Clare’s wedding to her partner Alex. Oh how we have been preparing and looking forward to this special day and what a great day the 9th February 2019 was.

I said this on my Instragram but there is just something so special about this wedding because we are all at the same stage of life – all our children are here and all our families are complete.

When I got married in 2010 we had no children except for a little Meme in my tummy and for Kate’s (my younger sister) we just had Meme and her little girl Gabbie (I had a little Harri in my tummy!!). There seems to be something about weddings and me being pregnant – thankfully I wasn’t for this one. So, as you can imagine, with us all now being parents this wedding was very different.

More challenging than a typical wedding day then. Made even more difficult by a poorly Allfie who clung to me and would not take that dummy out! My poor sister walked down the aisle to the screams of her 2 year old Zach who just wanted to just be with her. It is a long day for little ones and I am not sure how we would have coped without the bags of sweets and packs of Pringles to keep them going. Yet, it all added up to a really special day.

Clare looked amazing and me, my younger sister and our little girls all wore silver tutu’s which were gorgeous. We had the time to have our hair blown and our make-up applied professionally and, for the first time in a long time, I felt really lovely.

We drank and we danced and we cried and we celebrated together, all of us. Celebrated love, celebrated family and celebrated new beginnings, all at our last family wedding 🙁 (well until our children get married that is).

So, no matter how early we had to get up the morning after or how much my feet ached because my girls wanted me to dance all night it was so definitely worth it, every single moment. It was a day that we will all always remember. A day full of very special memories.

Congratulations Clare and Alex! x



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