A new book, warmer weather and Twitter #Littleloves

A new book, warmer weather and Twitter #Littleloves

So back to reality for us all this week, and it has been an ok week overall. I am a little excited that it is March next week, which means that it’s Spring which means that it will be warm – right?

Here are my last #littleloves for February and I apologise for the lack of pictures.


Oh I read a great book this week called ‘Behind Closed Doors‘ by B A Paris, I was gripped by it and couldn’t put it down.

I have also been reading lots of tweets, I finally joined Twitter this week after months of threatening to. For some reason I didn’t expect to like it but I think I do, it is going to take me a while to get used to it as I am not really sure what I’m doing but it’s quite nice having a chatter with fellow bloggers.  If you fancy following me I would quite like that.


I have not really watched much. We got Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland for the girls to watch, which they really enjoyed – I found it all a little bit crazy though.


Meme is all about her Disney music but to my surprise the last week or so I have heard her singing a bit of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, my girl is getting older.


Nothing at all exciting. I am so ready for warmer weather – I am getting a little fed up of wearing a big coat and boots.


An awful lot of packed lunches. I was determined that Meme would have school dinners but there is no chance.

I have also made my favourite Butternut squash and chilli soup. Delicious.

butternut squash and chilli soup

And Lastly

I am trying to be a bit more pro active with my blog and trying to promote myself at bit more which is something I definitely struggle with. I’m going to try and push myself to get in front of the camera instead of behind as I hardly have any pictures of me with the girls – that is something I know I will regret when they are older.


Have a lovely weekend.

8 thoughts on “A new book, warmer weather and Twitter #Littleloves

  1. Lovely pic of you and the girls. I need to do the same with my kids, I’m way too camera shy, maybe once I lose a bit more weight! Alice in Wonderland is a little odd isn’t it, my teen loves it though. Oh and welcome to twitter, I’ve just followed you over there 😉 Have a great weekend x

  2. Welcome to the world of Twitter – I’ve followed you 🙂 It’s by far my favourite social media network… My husband can’t believe how fast my thumbs type on my phone haha! I love the sound of your homemade soup and it looks lush x

  3. Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland has been on my to-watch list for ages but still not got round to it, is it all a bit too crazy?? I think it’s one of those film I need to be in the mood for.
    That’s a lovely picture of you and your girls, I’m trying to get more pics of me and O as hubby is rubbish wish a camera (when he actually does take a pic) so I treated myself to a tripod and have been using that to get some pics of me and O. I wish I’d got one earlier as there’s hardly any pics of me and him from when he was younger. My husband managed to take one decent one when he was a few weeks old and chopped the top of my head off! xx

    1. It was a bit crazy but my girls loved it so give it a go! Thank you, i am trying to make a bit more effort. I hardly have any pregnancy pictures of me and it is something I regret so much. Thanks for your comment x

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