Becoming a big sister

Becoming a big sister

Harri was born to be a big sister. She absolutely dotes on her baby brother Alfie. Becoming a big sisters was always going to be easy for her. She tends to him when he is crying. Talks to him if he is alone and constantly asks to hold him.

One of the first things that Harri does every morning is to put her smiley face right up to Alfie’s and shouts ‘Hello Alfie’. Me and my husband can’t help but smile.

Quite often I will place Alfie on the couch whilst I potter around making tea and cleaning up and I often come back to find Harri lying next to him holding his hand.  She looks at him with such love – these moments just melt my heart.

Becoming a big sister has been the making of my lovely Harriet. My baby girl and my baby boy – best friends and so lucky to have each other.

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  1. This is just gorgeous, I love seeing how sibling relationships develop. Ours is very unlikely to have a sibling but she is amazing with her cousins #TheOrdinaryMoments

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