6 Weeks Postnatal – Life with a newborn.

6 Weeks Postnatal – Life with a newborn.

I am 6 weeks postnatal.

I can’t quite believe It has been 6 weeks since I gave birth to my lovely boy. It is only now that I am finally starting to feel a bit more like myself.

6 weeks postnatal

What to Expect 6 Weeks Postnatal

6 Week Postnatal Appointment

I have had my 6 weeks postnatal appointment. My Dr confirmed that it is still normal to be bleeding 6 weeks after having a vaginal birth. Alfie being my third child I knew exactly what to expect at this 6 month appointment. If you are unsure they will generally check any stitches if you have them during the birth. They will check how breast feeding is going if you are breast feeding. They will also ask how you are feeling mentally and emotionally.

It is easy to worry about the 6 week check up but honestly don’t. Nobody is out to test you they just want to check to see you are well and if you have any concerns. Please make sure that if you feel like you are struggling to speak up.

What to Expect After Giving Birth

Despite having been through pregnancy and labour twice before I always seem to forget how much giving birth it can knock you for six, physically and mentally. How much time it takes to start to feel better – although maybe forgetting is a good thing!

I naively always think that pretty much a few days after giving birth I would be back in my own clothes. Wishful thinking as, after 9 months of wearing maternity wear and pretty much leggings, I am definitely more than ready to jump back into my skinny jeans and tops. Six weeks later and, whilst I am just about back in my jeans, they are definitely a little snug. My bras are too tight and uncomfortable and, for the first time ever, I am not sure I will be wearing bikinis this summer. I haven’t started exercising yet however I am not sure there are enough sit ups in the world that can tone my very wobbly tummy. After 3 kids I fear my body will never quite be the same.

I knew the first few months postnatal would be tough

However you can never quite prepare yourself for the lack of sleep! When I am celebrating 3 hours uninterrupted sleep you know it’s bad! We are definitely still in a sleepless fog and with all the winter illness that is around at the moment I feel constantly run down, as does my husband. The lack of sleep for me is resulting in craving sugar which obviously makes me feel worse which again has me reaching for the chocolate….it is just a vicious circle which is so hard to break.

I suffered the baby blues with both girls but haven’t with Alfie. The baby blues usually come in on day 3 or 4 after giving birth. I remember just crying over absolutely nothing and just feeling really low mood. Thankfully the baby blues only last a day or two.

Despite nothing getting the baby blues with Alfie I have moments were I have cried with tiredness or frustration. Even now I feel myself well up if I read something sad or upsetting. I think my emotions are still settling down. I get so impatient I just want to get on with it all. We went to Centre Parcs when Alfie was three weeks old and I really wanted to enjoy it but, not long after giving birth, my body was still healing and I had barely slept in months – a weekend away was always going to be tough! So if you are feeling like this 6 weeks postnatal be kind to yourself and try to remember that your body has been through so much.

However, the most important thing to note 6 weeks postnatal means that its 6 weeks since the arrival of Alfie is that I am just so happy. I am enjoying my baby so much. He is worth every sleepless night. I am just so madly in love with him. I love watching my girls coo over him. Watching my husband holding his only boy and I love snuggling him and listening to the newborn noises he makes. It makes me smile that we can’t even remember what life was like before him.

Life is definitely harder now but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6 weeks postnatal

9 thoughts on “6 Weeks Postnatal – Life with a newborn.

  1. You definitely forget about every stage don’t you? I a man ridiculously broody yet know that my littlest has only just started sleeping soundly through at 2! Glad you are getting to feel more like yourself though and there’s is always time to get back into those jeans xx

  2. Aww thanks for sharing such an honest and raw post about life with a newborn. I’m only a relatively new mum of one (our son is 6.5 months old), but I remember how hard those early days were – I can’t imagine how you do it with other children too! I imagine the tiredness would be much more debilitating, but glad that Alfie is all worth it for you! I’m so glad you’re all enjoying snuggles with him! #humpdayhype

  3. Oh those sleepless nights just hit you like a tonne of bricks don’t they? Hang in there lovely and be kind to yourself. I’m sure your tummy will bounce back with a bit more time. I hope the sleep comes soon for you too xx

  4. I am totally with you on the craving sugar and to be honest I’m over a year postpartum now and I’m still trapped in that viscous cycle, which is the reason I’m still not back in my pre-Ernie jeans. I found that after my third baby I had to give myself even more time to feel normal again, but when there’s three little people that need you, you just want to get back to normal straight away don’t you? I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying it, that’s the most important thing and makes all the sleep deprivation and lack of abs worth it 😉 xx

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