7 Tips To Help Keep Clean Beaches This Summer

7 Tips To Help Keep Clean Beaches This Summer

The ocean is one of the most beautiful parts of the planet, but it’s also one of the most common targets of pollution. Unfortunately, in an area like Southern California, this can be dangerous due to the many visitors who come to the beach. If you want to do your part to keep the beaches clean, consider the following seven tips.

Spreading Environmental Awareness

1. Inform your friends and family. Pollution isn’t just tossing trash on the ground. It’s also throwing away something that’s recyclable or needlessly creating excessive carbon emissions. You can start by spreading the word to your friends and family and reminding them that pollution comes in many forms. Encourage them to cut out all sources of pollution that they may be engaging in this summer.

2. Remind people how beautiful nature is. Many people pollute because they’ve lost sight of just how wondrous nature is — especially the beach. One trip to the Sunset Cliffs tide pools can restore this appreciation, though, and motivate somebody to take better care of their beaches. Tide pools are one of the most incredible examples of the earth’s various ecosystems.

3. Emphasize environmental stewardship. Humans are responsible for nurturing the earth, but we are also completely dependent upon it. How do humans depend on the ocean? It supplies the earth with essential resources such as freshwater, oxygen, and food. It’s also still one of our primary routes for transportation and trade.

4. Encourage everybody to conserve water. Water conservation is vital for many reasons, including the prevalence of droughts throughout Southern California. It’s also important because of the fact that excess wastewater and runoff often end up in the ocean and cause pollution. The less water we use, the less pollution will occur because of this. Take short showers and try not to use water if you don’t need to.

Cleaning Up After Yourself

5. Always throw trash away or recycle. There’s no excuse for leaving trash behind, and yet people do it every day. There are trash cans and recycling bins conveniently located along the beach — use them. This is the most basic commitment you can make if you want to keep the beach clean, and luckily, it’s an easy commitment to keep.

6. Always clean up, no matter where you are. People often think that it’s no big deal to litter or pollute if they’re with friends or celebrating a special occasion. On the contrary, it’s important to clean up after yourself no matter where you are. Private boat charters are a great opportunity to enjoy the ocean, but it’s still not an excuse to harm the environment.

7. Plan ahead for storing your trash. Most beaches have trash cans and recycling bins readily available to visitors, but that’s not the case everywhere you go. If you’re unsure whether there will be waste receptacles where you’re going, you should plan in advance and have a place your trash can be stowed. This prevents your trash from ending up in the ocean.

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