3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Heartburn and Acid Reflux

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Having heartburn and acid reflux can be a burden and can be reasonably painful after a while. If you feel like your tummy is on fire and you feel a burning sensation, maybe after a greasy meal. Or if you are under a lot of stress then you will have experienced heartburn. It always seems to choose to come when you least want it. It is never nice to experience, but we all do at some points in our lives. Sometimes it can be certain foods or drinks that you eat. Spicy or acidic foods are a factor of heartburn.

Standing up and having good posture

When you first look for heartburn treatments, it can be hard to find quick remedies that will work. It’s a good idea to stand up straight. Lying down or even sitting down can put less pressure on your lower body. Thus helping your body to have space while allowing your stomach and muscles to breathe instead of being hunched over. Concentrating on your posture while standing can do a world of good. It can stop your stomach acids rising, which can make your heartburn worse. 

Having good posture is a good thing to maintain all the time as it helps your back and shoulder muscles.It can also help relieve your heartburn too. If this isn’t making any difference and you need to sit down then ensure that your upper body is raised compared to the rest of your body.  This can stop your acids from rising as well if you are tired or unable to stand up. 


Everyday activities and intakes can affect how often you will experience heartburn, like alcohol, for example, drinking a large amount of alcohol each day can increase your heartburn and acid reflux, that can lift stomach acid levels. Drinking more water can help relax your acids in your stomach and hydrate your body. Another beverage that can cause this is drinking a lot of coffee,. Studies show that this can weaken the lower esophageal sphincter over time that can give you the symptoms of acid reflux. 

If you love raw onion on your meals then this could be the reason that you have heartburn, it can be quite painful too. It can be a significant factor in eating onion is that the amount of fermentable fibre can make the inside lining of your stomach sore, causing more heartburn

Quick fixes 

These can be slightly unusual but can be a fast relief for helping heartburn. You may find some of these work for you while others don’t do anything. If you have any apple cider vinegar at home then sipping on this can be to an acquired taste but can treat heartburn by neutralising the acids. You can do this by mixing plain water and apple cider vinegar after your lunch to help take some pressure off your meal. 

If you have some chewing gum to hand, then chewing on a piece of this can help to produce saliva and swallowing so it can help dilute your body of any acids that are sitting around.

People have a love or hate relationship with liquorice. However it can be an excellent remedy for creating a mucous coating. Protecting your stomach from any damage and acid burns. Talk to a doctor about this if you are going to start taking these regularly. They can have some side effects like high blood pressure

Other factors like wearing loose clothing, reliving your stomach from tight jeans and T-shirt’s can allow your body to breathe and relax. You can increase how much you will get heartburn if you are overweight, smoke or are pregnant. If you are experiencing a lot of heartburn, then these might factor into it. 

Eating your meals too late in the evening can trigger this as well as eating significant portions. So reducing your sizing and eating at least two hours before you go to bed can help. Along with leaving plenty of time after eating your meal to let your food go down and not exercising straight after. It is recommended not laying down for at least two hours after you’ve eaten. All these things can increase your heartburn or acid reflux. 

If your heartburn continues and isn’t getting any better then consult a professional. They can give you treatment or give you some advice into taking further remedies. 


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3 tips to eliminate heartburn and acid reflux

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