Being big… but still so little

It’s been a week of sunshine, which has been so lovely and I am hoping Summer is almost here. It has been a nice week, busy as usual but happy.

Me and my Husband celebrate our 7 years wedding anniversary today. When I think of our wedding I always think of Meme because I was pregnant with her – I think wow, I have been married for 7 years followed by wow, my lovely girl is almost 7.

It’s strange because sometimes I look at my Meme and think how she seems so grown up and then the next day something will happen and it reminds me of how little she still is. When I picked Meme up from Rainbows this week her leader pulled me to one side and reminded me that Meme needed to start Brownies when she turned 7 in September which shocked me a little. How is she ready for the next stage already? I feel like she has only just started Rainbows!! I can’t believe how big she is getting, how fast it is going. She seems so grown up.

This was then followed the next day by her finishing school saying she had played on her own at lunch time. She assured me she was fine and that she liked playing alone sometimes, which is true. However, it also made me realise that she is still quite little, quite young, still trying to find her way around the world, still trying to find her confidence to make friends.

So big yet so little, how can that be? She is at an age where she still very much needs her Mamma but also wants some independence. She wants to choose her own clothes and listen to Little Mix, she wants to be like her friends and play out on her own. She can pick up a book and read it no problem and she sometimes has no fear. Yet she still very much needs me. She cries in the night after a bad dream, she gets upset when I tell her off. She still always wants constant snuggles from me. She is still so young.

September is going to be a tough month – Meme turning 7, Harri starting school, Alfie starting nursery and me returning to work – somebody, anybody, please press pause.


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6 thoughts on “Being big… but still so little

  1. Oh bless she sounds such a wonderful little girl. She is the same age as my niece and I see the same in her, so old, but also so young. It’s a strange age and you have to remind yourself that they are really so little. x #theordinarymoments

  2. Oh I so know what you mean – my Kitty is winding up to 7 in September and she’s such a wonderful mix of all grown up and then all so tiny at the same time!

  3. Oh gosh it all just goes much too quickly doesn’t it? I know what you mean about the age, my eldest is quite a bit younger but I feel the same, sometimes she seems very grown up but she is still so little as well.

  4. Congratulations on the Anniversary!

    And yes, I never understood the cliches like “time flies,” until I had children! They grow so quickly!

  5. Athena is six in August and it seems so big so seven seems positively huge to me! But yes, I think at this sort of age there are still times when they show how little they really are x

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