5 Reasons why your kids will love Coral Island

5 Reasons why your kids will love Coral Island

After a recent visit to Blackpool I wanted to write this post to explain why your kids will love Coral Island and why you must visit asap!

First of all what is Coral Island?

Coral Island is a huge free family indoor attraction right in the centre of Blackpool! I wasn’t sure what to expect of Coral Island, maybe an arcade of some kind. We often visit Llandudno and my girls love to visit the amusements there, so I knew that they would love it. However, Coral Island is not just an arcade – it is an experience and it has definitely got the wow factor!! This is one of the reasons why your kids will love Coral Island.

coral island coral island

5 Reasons Why your kids will love Coral Island

1 – The Fair Rides

Your kids will absolutely love the fair rides at Coral Island. All undercover in the actual arcades you will find spotted around many rides to suit most ages.  The pirate flyer is a monorail around the top of Coral Island which was one my kids favourite things to play on at Coral Island. The Haunted House ride was another huge hit with my eldest, and there are also lots of cars rides and horse rides for your children to enjoy.

2 – Child Friendly Restaurants.

Another reason why your kids will love Coral Island is the wide variety of child friendly places to eat that are all situated within Coral Island. There are 5 restaurant to choose from so there is something available for even the fussiest of eaters.

We ate in Captain Jacks which was absolutely lovely but one thing worth noting is that you can’t pre book. Give yourself plenty of time if you have little ones with you although when we went there didn’t seem to be anyone waiting which was good.

It is really lovely in there with lots of room and colouring in for the kids. However the best thing is that ‘Kids Eat Free’. We rarely eat out because, as a family of 5, it can be so expensive so incentives like this definitely help. All 3 of my children like to eat different things. At Captain Jacks there was something on the menu that suited everyone.

I went for a streak which came with a tomato and chips and was delicious. My husband chose a blue cheese burger with jalapeños which looked amazing. It was a nice chilled place to have a minute away from the hustle and bustle of the arcades. We also had a visit from Jack Sparrow himself who very kindly was offering gold coin treasure to the children.

3 – The Arcades.

What child doesn’t love an arcade. Coral Island has got lots of amusement games to play on. Our favourites are the 2pence machines. We spent many hours there trying to win as many tickets as possible so we could choose a good prize for my kids. There is also the claw that my children love despite rarely winning anything. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these cost 30p to play rather than the usual £1.

There are so many games to choose from, suitable for all ages. The Camel Derby is  a little frantic but fun and also there is a section of the place where you can play Bingo.  Again lots of fun and easy for little ones to keep up with the numbers. Would you believe Meme actually won the Jackpot!! £50 worth of high street vouchers – so definitely worth a try.

Coral Island is situated on the main stretch in Blackpool and we arrived there around 2pm. Now I had heard lots of people say arrive early as the afternoons can get really busy, however we found it fine. Not too busy and plenty of available games and amusements to play on.

why your kids will love Coral Island Amusement games at coral Island why your kids will love Coral Island

Coral Island Blackpool

Places to eat in Coral Island

Coral Island Blackpool

4. There is Such a Fun and Friendly Vibe at Coral Island.

In between eating, having a go on the rides or playing on the amusements Coral Island has such a great energy about it. The whole place is full of excited squeals, laughter and giggling. One of the reasons why your kids will love Coral Island is just the happiness there. People are happy and excited. It is like a mini holiday camp.

The staff at Coral Island really stood out from all the other amusement arcades that we have visited. They were so helpful and accommodating. From the people helping my girls choose their toys, to the staff at the restaurant, the lady in the Bingo (who could see we looked a little lost and so kindly helped Meme and Harri) to the man who refilled a ticket machine as soon as it had ran out. Good customer service is so important to me and, just for that reason alone, I would visit Coral Island again.

On our way back to the car we had a lovely walk along the prom, eating ice cream with our hands full of cuddly prizes….it was a great day.

5 – The Beach is Just Outside of Coral Island

if you need a moment of calm and quiet then just step outside onto Blackpool’s promenade. The beach is beautiful there are ice creams places all the way along the prom and it is just a lovely way to end the day.

I have such fond memories of trips to Blackpool. My parents used to take me and my sisters every year to see the Illuminations which we loved. My husband has similar memories of seeing them with his family. So when we had children of our own we knew we wanted to create some special memories in Blackpool for them. Thanks to Coral Island we have been able to do this and starts some of our own Blackpool traditions. If you are looking for more things to do in Blackpool this post has some great ideas.

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  1. I love the Coral Island Pirate vibe, really interesting as all the rides and atmosphere are built and designed in that way. Really a cool experience for the whole family.

  2. What a fantastic day out this has been for you and your kids to Coral Island and great weather too. I would love to visit Black Pool and check this place our with my family.

  3. I’ve never heard of Coral Island before, but clearly you all had a fun day out. The kids look super happy in the photos too!

  4. Wow, this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

  5. I’m loving the food options. It’s exciting to see how much fun there is for the entire family.

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