What I’ve been loving – November

What I’ve been loving – November

The end of another month and now we are on to the last one of the year! November has been not the best of months and we have spend the majority of it (well for me all of it) being poorly!

However here are some of our November highlights:


Not much to report on this front. I typically ran out of make up (just when I needed some cover up more than ever!) and whilst my Mum is getting me my favourite NARS for Christmas I knew I couldn’t wait until then. I popped to my local Boots, which is tiny and they didn’t have much so I ended up with Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – now this would of probably been perfect for my flawless 20’s skin but my mid 30’s tired and pregnant skin needs a lot more coverage, so it wasn’t the best!


I have been wearing my Mexican Bola Necklace religiously I love it. I chose the heart shaped pendant and it rests just upon my bump and has a little tingle when it moves – my girls think it sounds like Tinkerbell. The idea is that it soothes the baby as I go about my day which I think is a lovely thought.

I also treated myself to some new boots – well when I say treated they are only cheap ones from Primark but I do feel nicer wearing them and they are keeping my feet nice and warm in this cold weather!Other than that it’s pretty much my Topshop Maternity Jumper and Maternity leggings all the way now until my due date!


I have been trying as much as possible to sort out the play room which will be the new baby room eventually – this has been no easy task!!! I have also had a good spring clean of my bedroom and the moses basket is all up and ready for our new arrival.

We are looking forward to putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend – making our home nice and festive! I would happily keep twinkly lights up all year around.Life

I finally finished work for maternity leave which feels nice! I still have to do the school run most mornings but it is lovely not having to rush to work afterwards. I am definitely ready to take 9 months out to concentrate on my family.

So now on to the best month of the year – December!


8 thoughts on “What I’ve been loving – November

  1. Oh no, I hope you’re all feeling better now! Try and take it easy now you’re on maternity leave 🙂 I love that necklace and what a lovely idea. Thanks for linking up to #LikedandLoved

    Stevie x

  2. Oh I love that necklace, I’d definitely buy one if I was pregnant. How lovely that you’ve finished for maternity leave now. And I always feel better with a new pair of boots too!

  3. I love the idea of that necklace, I wonder if, after it’s born, it will work to soothe the baby. And hope you’re getting a bit of rest now you’re on maternity leave! x #Likedandloved

  4. Hurrah for finishing work! I hate running out of foundation – and when you’re used to Nars I can imagine Rimmel just doesn’t cut it! I love the idea of the necklace, how lovely – I do think they are so aware of sounds, there was a song I used to sing a lot when I was pregnant with Max, took it to all my singing lessons and practiced it lots, and it always used to calm him down when he was tiny. Wish it still worked!! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  6. Giving up work just in time for Christmas, what timing! I used to hate the school run then rushing off to work that turned me into shouty mum! Love the necklace, hey and new boots – I bet you feel fantastic in those! #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. Oh that necklace is gorgeous, and how lovely that it sounds like tinkerbell – I would have loved to have something like that when I was pregnant with Boo. Hurrah for Maternity leave! #LikedandLoved

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