The Importance of Communication in Relationships

The Importance of Communication in Relationships

Me and my husband have been married over 11 years now. We have a great relationship and a wonderful marriage however it isn’t always easy. Of course we disagree and argue. We work, have 3 young children and some weeks can just be really tough. I think we all know that it is so easy to take your daily frustrations out on the person closest to you.

There is no secret to a happy marriage or relationship, it really is about communication and mutual respect. We are a team. If we have a problem then we talk about it. We make decisions together and we compromise. A successful relationship takes a lot of work.

Communication is key.

There are many reasons a relationship can fall apart. I have many friends who have struggled to start a family and I know that this can be such a strain on a relationship. There are just so many mental, emotional and financial issues that arise when trying for a baby that can add tension and cracks to a relationship. A statistic recently found that 1 in 7 couples struggle with conceiving.

Please know that you are no alone. The lovely people at Proxeed have recently launched a campaign The Art Of Trying. Which looks at how those struggling with fertility issues might suffer from complications with communication, as well as struggling with sex and mental health within couples. They have lots of useful tips on how to help. The campaign also helps highlight how other people are coping with similar issues and gets what sometimes can be a little bit of a taboo subject, people talking and sharing their experiences.

On a personal level, whilst me and my partner have never struggled conceiving we have had many bumps in the road. Job losses, miscarriage. money worries and just day to day stresses of trying to raise our family in such a busy and ever moving world. Life is stressful for most people. Now even more so with rising food costs and energy bills soaring. The news is constantly full of upset and bad news. It is so hard to switch off from it all.

One of the ways we ensure that are relationship runs smoothly is scheduling time together. Friday evenings we turn off the tv, put away our phones, cooks some nice food and spend some time together. Talking about our weeks and any issues and just catching up. Checking in with each other. Even if we don’t manage to spend any other time together for the rest of the week we have our Friday evening. I cannot stress the importance enough of having that important time together.

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