I wasn’t planning to write this post – at the moment I am completely snowed under and trying to keep to some strict deadlines. However, whilst I was looking at some pictures taken at the weekend I couldn’t help but reflect over the last couple of weeks with these two.

It has been a little tough and we have had a few school issues with my lovely girls. When Harri started school I said to Meme ‘make sure you look after your sister’. Well, my girl took her job seriously and has been there for Harri every step of the way, resulting in her getting a little hurt at times.

Whilst this is not quite what I meant, my heart soared a little when I found out how protective she has been with her. How much she loves and has wanted to look after her. How she has rushed her lunch to get to the playground to check Harri is ok.

They aren’t perfect (who is), they bicker and argue and constantly tell tales on each other but they honestly are the loveliest girls with such a strong sister bond. They make me feel so proud.


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  1. my sister really is my best friend, we still laugh just as hard as we did as kids, and always have each others backs. The bond they create now will live on, just gorgeous xx #mg

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