Planning Things for Your Kids to Do During the School Break

Planning Things for Your Kids to Do During the School Break

For many of us, the school break is fast approaching and we’re going to find ourselves trying to entertain our kids from morning until night each day. This can be an extremely exciting time for your little ones, so you want to make sure that they have plenty to do and look forward to during this period of time. Here are some options that might prove useful and tick all your boxes!

Continue Their Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. You can make education fun with a whole host of trips, days out or activities that can help your child feel more confidence in themselves when returning to school after their break. Find out what they’re studying at school at the moment and enhance what they’ve already picked up. If they’ve been doing their times tables, set them a few multiplication tasks using toys. If they’ve been on school trips to Paris, try testing them on a few French words or phrases here and there. If they’ve been learning an instrument, make sure they have one at home that they can play and practice with if they want to.

Kids Clubs

There are so many kids clubs running during school breaks. Whether you need to drop your kid to these because you have other responsibilities, such as work, or whether you get your child to attend just because they enjoy the activities and company, these can be a great source of fun during the school break. Consider your child’s individual interests and passions and find local clubs that cater to them. This could be anything from arts and crafts clubs to gardening clubs, kids cooking club and so much more.


Some kids will be absolutely fine staying at home playing with their siblings and other family members. But if you have an only child, or your child doesn’t have many other kids their own age around, you may want to consider arranging some playdates for them with their school friends. Get in contact with their friend’s parents and see whether there are any days that their child could play under your supervision, or when your child could go and play under their supervision. This could be something as simple as hanging out at home or you could arrange a fun day out. This will give them a great chance to spend time with others their age, having fun, growing, learning and developing their social skills.


Remember this is a good opportunity for your little one to relax too. Don’t put too much pressure on learning or achievements during this time. Think of fun ways to spend some quality time together that you can simply enjoy together. Sitting in front of the TV, bundled up in blankets and watching a favourite TV show or film can be perfect. Fun bubble baths. Days playing out in the garden. There are so many simple, relaxing and enjoyable things you can do during this time that it’s often good to let your child guide the direction of what they feel like doing each day.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions above will give you some ideas when it comes to planning your kid’s time during the school break!

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