What No One Tells You About Moving to Portland

What No One Tells You About Moving to Portland

Portland is located in the Pacific Northwest and is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Portland is known as a progressive city, and this has been attracting many people to move to the city. If you are planning a move to Portland, Oregon, you have probably been doing a lot of research.

You may have already found a neighborhood you like, possibly a job, and maybe even a few attractions you want to check out when you arrive. But there are probably many things you didn’t know about moving to Portland. Consider the following as you continue to plan your move:

They Take Recycling Seriously

Portland is known as a very green city. In fact, the city has introduced bottle deposits to reduce littering, and there have been no plastic bags available at grocery stores for several years. Portland takes its recycling very seriously, and if you are planning a move, be sure to familiarize yourself with the recycling rules in your new neighborhood and at any restaurants and cafes that you visit.

All Bars in Portland Must Sell Food

If you are planning to go out to meet some new people after your move, you should know that all bars in Portland are legally required to sell food. So you always know that if you are going out for a drink on an empty stomach, you will also be able to grab a quick bite to eat. This is also good to know as you begin to make friends and potentially go out on dates in your new city.

Portlanders Hate Umbrellas

Portland is also known for its months of rainy weather each year. However, you probably didn’t know that Portlanders hate umbrellas. It is unclear why, but consider investing in a stylish waterproof coat with a hood before your move. Portlanders also recommend taking vitamin D as soon as the rainy days begin to keep your supply up until the sun reappears in summer.

Lots of Construction

Recently, many people have been choosing to relocate to Portland, and the housing market has been meeting this demand by creating new supply. Portland is now also known for construction: of new homes, apartment complexes, and condos. As you plan your move to Portland, consider if you want a new build or an older property as you explore Portland houses for sale.

Variety of Jobs

Portland is probably best known for the many athletic and sporting companies it houses. Portland is home to Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and Columbia. However, health care and technology are also large sectors of the Portland job market. 

There are so many technology companies in Portland now and such an increase in technology jobs that Portland has become known as the “Silicon Forest.” So if you are looking for a job in any of these industries, you will have many options as you relocate to Portland.

While Portland may be known as a hipster paradise with lots of craft beer and Voodoo Donuts, there is a lot more to Portland. Especially if you are planning a move in the near future, consider the little known facts about moving to Portland.

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