Not forgetting us…

Not forgetting us…

Our family set up can be seen as quite old fashioned I guess, most families nowadays both work and then share the household and child minding. Ours is quite similar to my parents set up when we were young, my husband works full time in quite a stressful job, including quite long hours, whereas I do the majority of the jobs at home including looking after the girls, school runs, teas etc. I do work but only for 12 hours in quite an easy flexible job, which works around the girls quite nicely.  Of course, there are pros and cons to this set up, I’m sure there are times when my husband would like some financial support and there are times when I would like more help with the girls but, it generally works for us. We are happy and I feel very lucky that I get to spend the majority of my week with my girls.

The main downfall of this is that I feel we don’t get as much time together as we would like, by the time he gets home from work it’s the girls bedtime routine, teatime for us and then preparing clothes and lunches for the next day. As you can imagine it’s an exhausting whirlwind of a week, which passes in a flash! This is even more true now that I am pregnant and ready for bed about 9pm. At the moment we are like passing ships and I miss him.

It has been both our birthdays this week.  Since meeting over 12 years ago we have always made a big deal of our birthdays but I suppose now the girls are here it’s now about them. We always used to take each others birthdays off and spent the day together but this year we didn’t. We used the excuse of saving our annual leave for Meme’s school holidays and a Monday and Thursday are awkward days to take off.  I guess the truth is, this year it just wasn’t a priority. This makes me sad, we should always be a priority to each other. In a year which has been quite hard and stressful for us both, busy with new routines, I worry that we are at times forgetting each other and, more importantly, forgetting us.

So, next year, there will not only be 3 important birthday dates in the diary to celebrate and enjoy, there will be 5. Me and hubbie will be both making sure that we are not working on our birthdays and, no matter how busy the year is, we will both have a special day spent together.  Even us Mummies and Daddies need to be a priority at least once a year!!

(Since writing this post on Friday – we have since had a much needed date night just us – it was pretty perfect!)


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14 thoughts on “Not forgetting us…

  1. Ahhh a huge well done on getting time together. It’s so easy to becoming passing ships in the night and it’s so easy to just stay in that rut too. We always tell ourselves we’re going to have date night once a month but rarely manage it. Something always crops up. I think we need to remind ourselves again!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! My husband and both my daughters birthdays are in August, so its a crazy busy month for us and my husbands birthday does kind of get forgotten a bit. But you are right we shouldn’t let this happen and I am going to make more effort for his this year. Thank you for reminding me that we are important too. I’m pleased you managed to have a date night xx

    1. I hope you do lovely. It is so important to get some time without the little ones – even though we probably talk about them and think about them all night!!

  3. Well done on getting time together; it’s so easy to forget as parents that we are important too and we need to work to maintain our relationships! Date nights and making time for each other on special days are fantastic ways of making sure of that. #MarvMondays

    1. We have always been so good with date nights but recently we have been a bit rubbish at a time we probably needed them the most! Thanks for your comment x

  4. It’s so true that when you have children your priorities change totally. It was my birthday this weekend and we went to the theatre to see a show for them and did things they’d like all weekend. They were still appallingly behaved though! Thanks for being a #bigpinklinker

  5. It’s so hard to find time isn’t it. We really struggle with childcare. I always feel bad asking as our mums have them both a day each a week as it is! Your right though we do need to make it a a must do! Glad you got your date. Xxx

  6. Oh it’s good you have had some time together. It is so hard isn’t it, with busy lives and so many responsibilities and commitments these things can fall by the wayside when actually they are equally as important. At least we are all mindful to try and make the date nights happen eh xx #marvmondays

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