Moments of Mine [Goodbye September]

Moments of Mine [Goodbye September]

The end of September – how did that happen? It has been a busy month, is there any other kind? I feel like I am still trying to get into some kind of routine since my work hours have increased and the girls have returned to school. Work, after school clubs and keeping up with Alfie leaves me with very little time to do anything else. There hasn’t been much blogging or reading. It feels like I am just constantly chasing my tail. I think this is just my life at my moment.

Here are my September highlights:

Amelia’s Birthday

So my girl turned 9. I remember the day she was born so clearly that I actually can’t believe it was 9 years ago. She celebrated with a sleepover party with a few of her friends. It was the longest night of my life (ha!) and I won’t be having another one for a while but she has the best time!! Just look at her smile. A big thank you to Zuru who sent us some lovely treats.



Now that the girls are back in school we are all about the weekends. Getting outdoors and exploring is the tonic we need after busy stressful weeks.

Summer fashion

Pretty dresses and denim jackets.

Whilst the weather is still mild I have been making the most of wearing dresses and jackets. I am really not ready to put on my jeans and big coats. Although after a very wet weekend and more rain to come I think they will be coming out sooner than I would like.


Holiday Countdown

It has taken me six weeks to get over my holiday blues after our trip to Spain in the Summer. Mainly because we are on countdown until our next little adventure at the end of October!! Eek I can’t wait.


So a good but busy month. How was September for you?


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  1. I hope she had a lovely birthday. You’re very brave doing a sleepover, I don’t think I can cope with one.!

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